The Argus
Volume 61 - Number 2 - Friday, August 18, 2000


Camp Activity Articles

By Zach Stone
Cabin 5

Lacrosse is cool. In lacrosse, we play games and do drills. I have played lacrosse for six years, and I have had the most fun doing it here. Lax is cool because it is a very aggressive game, and it requires strength and endurance. Josh and Jim are the counselors, and they are fun. If you play lacrosse, you will have a lot of fun.

Dining Hall
by Ramon Calderer
Working Senior

Dining hall is mainly used to have meals. It's also used to do some activities when it's raining such as waterfront ones, campfire, etc. Fifteen minutes before each meal biddies start setting up the table. A quarter of an hour later everybody comes in and after grace, we start eating. Dining hall biddies get food from the kitchen and at the end of the meals, they wipe up the tables and clean under them.
The dining hall staff (not the cooks) help the biddies biddy at times. Without the two groups helping the cooks, the meals would never work as well as they do. The cooks are the heart and soul of the dining hall staff.

By George Ash
Working Senior

Kayaking is a fun class. It is fun because you learn how to do front stroke, back stroke, side stroke, and sweep stroke. We also learn how to barrel roll, Eskimo roll, hand roll, and paddle roll. The levels for Kayaking are beginner, intermediate, advanced intermediate, and advanced.
The instructors for kayaking are Alberto, Rodrigo, "Aussi Derron", "William, the Czech", and "John the Englishman". They are very good at teaching kayaking.
There are many kayaking trips. These trips are usually trips on the rapids. These trips are lead by "Mighty Mike", and Vicky from the tripping staff. They are good at making sure everyone is good enough to go on the trip and being leaders.

by Sipho Simela
Working Senior

Football is one of the very many landsports at Shohola that includes more than just physical activity. It requires mental, emotional, and physical awareness. Football is taught by Adam Dolton, Jordan Glick, and Mike Bomze.
In this class we play games, condition, and learn how to play certain positions. The class is offered in period 2B and is a great way to sharpen skills and learn about a great game.

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