The Argus
Volume 61 - Number 2 - Friday, August 18, 2000


Green Team Speech
By Abram Rose
Green Captain

I remember when I was in cabin 15 last year; every one was discussing what jobs they would have as a working senior. I had always dreamed of being a green captain, but everyone would say that my dream would never come true. I beat their doubts, and I succeeded in becoming the green captain.
Being a green captain was not a cakewalk, as I soon learned. The duties of a color war captain are numerous. Also, throughout the year, I was told another one of my dreams was impossible, leading the green team to their first victory since 1996.
Achieving my second dream was by no way easy. The white team surged ahead in the beginning, and the green team's sprit was extremely low. There was talk of white winning by the largest amount in history. But my team and I still fought on. We came back and our team was winning for a bit, then white came back. By the middle of the second month, campers had high sprits in their team, and color wars were again very fun. We gained another lead, and white nearly broke it. I had achieved another dream, again told to me as impossible, green had won a 2000 victory.
As a green captain, there are many people to thank. First of all, I would like to thank Leone, for coping with all of my delays. Next I would like to thank all of the color war monitors, for making sure color wars went without a hitch. I would also like to thank Rachel and Em, who still ran the Green/White Horse show even though they both were sick.

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