The Argus
Volume 61 - Number 2 - Friday, August18, 2000


E-mail Newsletter #3
By Director Frank C. Barger

August 9th 2000

Dear Parents,

This e-mail newsletter is a summary of the first two weeks of the second session of camp and some previews of events coming up the last two weeks. I began writing this the second day of the second session and am finishing it up on Tuesday of the sixth we ek. It's been a busy couple of weeks!

The beginning of the second session went smoothly. The weather cooperated, there wasn't any lost luggage and everyone arrived in residence. Campers took deep water tests and the endurance swim for out-of-camp water trips, tennis and riding tests, went thr ough some low ropes exercises to build cabin unity, heard from activity heads about their programs and lastly created their schedules for the next four weeks. All was done on the first Monday after arrival on Sunday. Is that a lot of stuff in one day? Y ou bet, but getting the activities going quickly has lots of advantages and campers could fine-tune their choices at the end of the first week if they wanted to make some changes.

The tripping staff took their first groups out and announced some of their schedule for the rest of the month; a four day backpacking trip to the Adirondacks, a surf kayak trip to Long Island, another Canadian wilderness trip, a white water rafting trip t o the "Big Y" as well as assorted day hikes, rock climbing and mountain biking trips.

The whale watch trip on Cape Cod reported seeing at least seven different whales including two mothers with their babies in spite of some not so great weather. That has to be a special memory!

We had ping-pong and badminton matches and a chess tournament with Lake Greeley camp. Team selection for upper camp NBA intramural teams was held and the first nine cabins attended dances with the Netimus girls. The upper cabins' turn for their dances ca me next.

The riflery team consisting of Paul and Phil Weiner, Jason Harris, Alex Zuckerman and Marshall Rader traveled to Camp Owego and shot very well beating their opponents 160 to 145. Paul Weiner and Marshall Rader shot the high scores.

Shohola's fourteen-and-under soccer team hosted the New Jersey Y camp for a close, hard fought game. Everyone played very well coming from behind from 1-0 to go on to win 3-1. The team consisted of Aaron Segel, Alexi Leight-Pappas, Sipho Simela, Morgan Bl anchet, Neil Dowgun, John Gushman, Luis Martinez, Toni Calderer, Mike Pretat, Christian Lara-Ensslin, Emilliano Llanes, Miguel Marinez and Josh Fleishman. Goals were scored by Morgan, Toni and Luis.

The 11-and-under roller hockey team took second place in the Pike County Camp League Tournament. In the first game the team came back from a 3-goal deficit to defeat Camp Owego 6-5. The strong offensive play of Mike Costello-Caulkins (C-C to everyone) and David Hecker and the great defensive play of Brian Bomalaski helped Shohola come out on top. In the second game the team lost to Pine Forest Camp 6-5 in spite of a great effort by the entire team, Mike Costello-Caulkins, David Hecker, Juan Manuel Jime nez, Quin Trigg , Nick Bando, Andrew Goodman, Greg Bunis, Phil Khoury, Ben Schlosser, Brian Bomalski and Zach Frankel.

The 11-and-under soccer team went to Lake Greeley Camp for a game and played extremely well winning 5-0. Nick Bando, Ian Cohan-Shapiro and Miguel Martinez scored goals. The other team members were Chris Harris, Quin Trigg, Mark Harris, Mark Davidoff, Car los Tamayo, Roberto Baptista, DeMarkus Link, Ben Fass, Gabe Bloomfield, and Max Skolnick.

The annual treasure hunt was held Monday night and, as usual, each cabin worked very hard and as fast as possible to unravel the 26 clues. Cabin 14 was first in upper camp and Cabin 6 in lower camp. It is amazing how quickly some people are able to figure out the clues. Maybe it just takes a young mind.

The Big "Y" rafting trip left this morning with Benardo Tamayo, Robert Cassidy, Jean- Paul Pretat , Max Silva, Sam Carlin, Joel Segal, Alex Hecker, Justin Cohan-Shapiro, Stavan Desai, Fred Beebe, Greg Passantino, and Nathan Rice. All of these campers will have a chance to raft the best white water in the East on the Youghiogheny River (now you know why we call it just the Big "Y.") The rapids should be excellent with all the rain, which is the only good thing about the weather. Local white water rafting t rips have been very good for the same reason.

The annual International Food Night was held Sunday evening and the weather cooperated so we could have it outdoors. Dishes from Mexico, USA, Australia, Egypt, Spain, South Africa, the Czech Republic, England, Finland, Scotland, and the most famous foreig n countries of all, Philadelphia, Louisiana, and New York. The food, as usual, was excellent and we all stuffed ourselves. It always amazes me how well the staff members can cook in addition to all their other talents. The kitchen was a disaster, but then they say that is true of all great chefs.

The fifteen and under soccer team played Lake Greeley and the score was 12 to 1.

Coming up on Wednesday of this seventh week is the second month upper and lower camp dinner dances with Netimus. This is the get together that is always so popular. It starts out with the girls and boys in separate groups and, by the end of the evening, e veryone wants to schedule another dance the last week.

Other coming events are Backwards Day on Thursday. The schedule, activities and meals will all be reversed and the COUNSELORS wait on the campers in the dining hall. The riders will be attending the Branchville Horse show for an opportunity to watch prof essional riders and exceptional horses and spend the day at an old fashioned county fair. It is always a very popular special day for all the campers who ride.

The campers who take ropes and rocks participated in the annual ropes/climbing competition at Pine Forest Camp. The staff reported everyone did very well, and we placed second out of the six camps, being edged out by New Jersey Y Camp.

The Nature and Tripping staff joined forces for a day hike to Stokes Park. They saw wild turkey, red efs (the land phase of Eastern Newt, bet you didn't know that!), and learned about the trees of the mixed forest. Hikers got to ford some fast rushing st reams for a little excitement, smell some different plant leaves including sassafras and lastly the unpleasant skunk cabbage.

There have been several intracamp green/white events this week and there will be more the last week. The Apache race is the biggest of all and campers participated in several of the 67 different events. The Green team was winning until the archery competi tion when the white team surged ahead when their archer broke the balloon in the bulls eye with his first arrow. The green team was unable to recover from this spectacular feat. The next big color competition is the swim meet on Saturday.

All but eleven campers went to the Red Barons Game in Scranton, so once again many of you may have received phone calls from the stadium. Those that chose to stay here actually didn't stay here but went to Costa's Family Fun Park to play miniature golf.
Sorry to all the loyal readers of these newsletters that it has taken me so long to get this last edition out. It has been gratifying to know that people have missed it.

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