The Argus
Volume 61 - Number 2 - Friday, August 18, 2000


The Shohola "S"

The Shohola "S" is given to those campers who in the estimation of the Camp Shohola Staff, demonstrate achievement, friendliness, helpfulness, responsibility and leadership.
The Argus would like to congratulate the following campers for receiving this prestigious award:

Spencer Allen (cabin 15)
Jonathan Gottfried (cabin 7)
Thomas Parker (cabin 2)
Aaron Pattison (cabin 5)
Paul Schneider (cabin 3)
Tyler Woods (cabin 1)

Jamie Ayers (Cabin 15)
Sam Carlin (Cabin 14)
Alex Ettinger (Cabin 4)
Ben Jacobs (Cabin 15)
Paul Weiner (Cabin 16)


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