Basketball Summer Camp

Below are articles written by kids about their basketball training experiences at Camp Shohola

Well worn favorite

Of all the sports played at Camp Shohola, basketball is the most popular. So far, the 13-Under basketball team has started off with a great record of 2-0, both games coming ‘down to the wire’. Bryan Henrick and Frankie Spellman, both new additions to the team, have helped the other veterans, Alex Piperis and Marshall Rader, excel this year. Thanks to great coaching by Ruben Ortiz and Jordan Holtzman-Constan , everyone that wanted to play had their opportunity. With upcoming games against Greeley and Pine Forest the 13-Under team hopes to take their winning score to 4-0. When they play these games, they will need to step up and show us that they can play ball. The 13-Under basketball team is looking forward to these games with an optimistic attitude and hopefully will come out winning.
Bryan Henrick and Alex Piperis

Undefeated and improving!

Basketball is one of the most popular sports at Shohola. Our under-13 basketball team is undefeated so far, due to the fact that our coach taught us team work and how the game is all about fun. Here at Shohola every one plays and gets better, even those who haven’t played before, mostly because of the drills. This has been a good summer just because of basketball.
Frankie Spellman

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