For the best residential summer camp for boys in Pennsylvania, check out Camp Shohola. Camp Shohola is an encouraging and safe environment where your son can test himself in athletics, be himself while enjoying the beautiful natural surroundings, or express himself in the arts. When your son spends the summer at Camp Shohola, the best sleep away camp for boys in Pennsylvania, he will have a fun-filled day of excitement and learning. Your son will receive more personal attention from the counselors, better supervision during activities, and everyone in camp will know him by name. Camp Shohola has one of the best supervision ratios in the camping industry with nearly a two-to-one camper to counselor ratio. Camp Shohola in Pennsylvania, is a summer sleepaway camp that embraces diversity, encourages understanding between people who are different, and nurtures the individual talents of boys from many different cultures, races, and religions.

For a Summer Camp for Boys, Camp Shohola in Greeley, PA is a great choice. Camp Shohola Summer Camp for Boys offers a wide range of activities from archery to ultimate frisbee. We have a camp video which will be mailed to you upon request. Slide shows are scheduled at regular intervals in Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. If you would like names of current families, the Director would be happy to provide them. We encourage and welcome visits from parents and prospective campers. Just contact us to arrange a convenient time. Contact us at (570) 371-4760 to find out more.


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