Are you looking for an overnight camp in Pennsylvania with the traditional camp setting and activities for your child?  If yes, look no further than Camp Shohola an accredited overnight summer camp set up in the mountains of north eastern Pennsylvania. Camp Shohola is a great camp for any type of camper, offering a wide range of activities.   Camp Shohola in Pennsylvania is a great place for boys to spend their summer creating memories while enjoying fun activities.

The faculty and staff at Camp Shohola wants your camper to have a positive experience.  The staff encourages campers to challenge themselves in sports, express themselves in the arts, and enjoy the beautiful nature around them.  Overnight Camp Shohola embraces the uniqueness of each camper and makes sure everyone feels included and important.  If you're interested in your child having a fun and satisfying summer experience at Camp Shohola in Pennsylvania, please contact us at (570) 371-4760.

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