Residential camp has become the highlight of children’s summers for decades now. Over 11 million kids and adults attend summer camp every year. But how do you get ready to send your kids to residential camp in Pennsylvania? Here at Camp Shohola, we have a few tips that will hopefully help you out a little bit!

  • Best age for residential camp? The most common age for kids to attend residential camp is often between eight and ten years old. But not everyone is ready at this age. Ask your son how he feels about residential camp and being away for the summer. If he reacts positively, do some more research. If he’s against it, maybe try again next year or see if he brings the idea up again.
  • Don’t do it alone. When looking at camps and getting ready, involve your son. See what kind of residential camp he might want to attend. Does he have any friends that he would like to go to camp with? This can be a great idea and will guarantee that he will already have one friend on the first day (not that he won’t make a million more before the summer ends). Also see what residential camp activities he would like to participate in. Camp Shohola offers land sports, water sports, equestrian, outdoor adventures, communication & technology, and art programs. Your son will be spending a typical day at residential camp doing these activities, so let him make the decision. Plus, allowing him to be involved with the decision making process will likely make him more excited for residential camp!
  • Drop Off Day. It is extremely common for both parents and campers to be anxious leading up to drop off day at residential camp. Just remind your son of the amazing summer he is going to have and all the memories at residential camp he is going to come home with. Parents, remember that your son will be having the time of his life. He will be supervised by our amazing camp staff and will be completely safe. Before you know it, it will be pick up day and you will be reunited again!

Hopefully these tips helped out a little bit. If you’re interested in a residential camp in Pennsylvania for your son, contact Camp Shohola at 570-371-4760 today for more information or to schedule a tour!

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