While it may seem a little too early to start looking for a summer camp for your son next summer, trust us, now is the perfect time. The earlier that you choose a summer camp, the more affordable and less stressful it will be! Meet Camp Shohola, we are a summer camp in Pennsylvania for boy’s ages 7-16 and the perfect place to send your son next summer!

Located in Greeley, Pennsylvania, Camp Shohola gives boys a chance to learn, make new friends, and have fun all summer long. A typical day at summer camp allows boys to choose five different activity periods to participate in throughout the day. Plus, we have “A” and “B” days to give boys more opportunities to try different activities and keep them constantly staying active at summer camp! Boys will get to choose from a variety of different summer camp activities including land sports, water sports, outdoor adventures, equestrian, communication & technology, and the arts. Our trained and experienced summer camp staff that strives to give campers the best summer ever at Camp Shohola teaches all of these activities! Another great thing about Camp Shohola is how small our camp is. Every camper receives more attention, better supervision, and knows everyone’s names at our camp. We have one of the best supervision ratios in the industry with a two-to-one camper to counselor ratio, making us one of the top summer camps around!

If you’re interested in sending your son to the best summer camp in Pennsylvania, contact us at Camp Shohola! Call us at (570)-371-4760 for more information or to schedule a tour today!

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