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Summer is here and keeping active boys busy can be difficult. Why not consider a boys summer camp in PA? Camp Shohola is located in beautiful Greeley, PA, and was established in 1943. We work hard to create a schedule of activities that are well rounded, but also cater to the camper’s interests.

Program Departments Include:

· Landsports

· Watersports

· Outdoor Adventure

· Equestrian

· CommTech

· Arts

Campers learn and have fun in a safe and encouraging environment. Boys are free to test themselves in athletics, express themselves in the arts, or simply be themselves while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery. We also offer a broad range of special and evening activities that encourage creativity and community. We supplement our already outstanding program with evening and special, communal events, including:

· Movie Nights

· Dances with our sister camp

· Sports tournaments

· Campfires

· Cookout
… and many more!

It’s important to make sure that boys are kept busy through enrichment during the summer. With over a hundred faculty and staff representing different countries from around the world, we work to ensure that your camper has a positive summer experience. Camp Shohola not only provides an environment that provides opportunity to learn and have fun, but also to create lasting friendships. Camp Shohola is the best boys summer camp in Pennsylvania, guaranteed to leave your little camper happy to return, each year!

Camp Shohola is one of the best sleepaway camps for boys in the country. If you’re looking for a summer camp for boys that highlights activities like: land sports, water sports, outdoor activities, equestrian, communications & technology, and the arts in the Northeast area (Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and the District of Columbia), contact Camp Shohola at: (570) 371 – 4760.



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