Web Design Summer Camp

Below are articles written by kids about their web design training experiences at Camp Shohola

Summer Web Design Camp

By Gabriel Hanna, Working Senior

There is a class called Web Page Design. The class offers many challenges, but you can overcome them. The Internet can also be available for the use of web page design. The tricks offered at web page design are very interesting and also fun. The program that they offer for web page design is simple and easy to learn. The teachers at web page design are friendly. Web page design is the most educational thing you could do on the Internet.

Mastery of web design emerges at Shohola

Alex Lee, newly anointed Web Design Master, reflects on the emerging magic of web design that has not been missed by Shohola

One day, not so long ago, a squabble of children appeared at my Commtech lesson. They said to me "I wish to be graced with the unstoppable powers of Web Design". I looked at their dulled faces, into empty eyes, laughed and said, "Thou look like the most ignorant group of dirty children I have ever had the misfortune to see! Thou will never have the strength and the courage to comprehend the immense powers of Web Design". But they begged and cried, cried and begged until finally I gave in. Within the first lesson I saw the change. I saw a new spark of life in their eyes, a new spring in their step and the sound of new life in their voice.

I could not believe what I then saw. Within the space of a few weeks we have not only had these children create a web page, but also created links, added pictures and videos, published them on the internet, created logos and animated pictures with unbelievable skill. These skills include using Macromedia products Dreamweaver 4 and Fireworks. These both are available on Demo and can be downloaded from www.macromedia.com.

These new clean and lively children were not the same ones I pulled in from the dark porch at Commtech. They have been blessed with the powers of web design, a power which will stay for life, a power which can bring wisdom and a power that can be used to create GOLD.

Web pages that people like

by David Poznansky

I really enjoy doing web design. It's a great way to show what you like to everyone. I learnt a lot making my web page. You have to put things on your web page that people like, such as links, pictures, animation and anything someone would like to see. It is so fun and I definitely recommend it to others.


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