Benefits Of Sending Your Son To Overnight Camp

Summer may still be a long way away, but it is never too early to start planning. You might be thinking of a beautiful family vacation somewhere sunny on the beach, or even a trip abroad to see the sights and cultures.

Sending Your Son To Overnight Camp
Sending Your Son To Overnight Camp

You can’t really go wrong with a summer vacation plan, as all of them are sure to give you and your family wonderful experiences and great memories.

We are here to float another idea by you, and that is summer overnight camp.

You might not realize it, but sending your son to an overnight camp can be a great life experience not only for them but for you – as a parent – as well.

That first time away from home can shape a lot of your son’s personality and independence, as well as give you some separation so that you can be sure they can take care of themselves.

So read along, we think you’ll like the idea.

Are Overnight Camps Good For Kids?

Sending your child away from you even for a very short period of time can be very hard, as most parents will relate. It is doubly so for parents and children who are attached and do everything together.

Sending your son to overnight camp may seem hard especially in the first few days, but when he comes back from camp, you’ll see that your hard work and his will totally pay off. Overnight camps boost self-confidence, build independence and are probably the only way you – the parent – will learn that your son will eventually need to rely on himself in the future, but more on the benefits of sending your son to overnight camp in a moment.

Why Do Parents Send Their Kids To Sleepaway Camp?

Now let’s share the experience of seasoned parents who have been sending their kids to camp for a while. All of them would agree that the first time was rather difficult for them and their children. After that, however, the situation changes entirely. Parents gain just as much as children when living away from each other for a while. Here is what some parents do:

  • They start to reconnect personally with their partners – which they can never do with children around -.
  • They start to explore new friendships or reconnect with old ones.
  • Some even explore new activities and hobbies. The time given by the absence of children opens the path for a lot of fun and many new experiences.

What Do Children Do On Overnight Camps?

The activities differ from camp to camp, and you may need to do your homework on that one. Find out what your kid likes, and make sure that camp provides that particular activity – among others – so that he will find an anchor to connect with the rest of the camp. Most camps, however, have these common activities:

  1. Outdoor activities:

    Usually physical such as swimming, rowing, rope climbing .. etc.

  2. Arts & Crafts:

    For those of you with kids that are artistically inclined, you’ll be happy to know that arts and crafts are a major part of almost every camp. It inspires creativity and can be the way to unlock your child’s mind and abilities.

  3. Equestrian activities:

    Horseback riding is also a major part of most camps. You might not realize it, but by sending your son to overnight camp, you could be creating an equestrian champion.

  4. Leadership building:

    Usually reserved for the older kids. The camps start to boost their leadership skills so that they can help future generations of campers with their trip.

Benefits Of Sending Your Son To Overnight Camp

  1. Boosting confidence:

    It’s your son’s time away from home that truly shapes what kind of man he’ll be. If he always lives in the shadow of his parents – however great they are – it is likely that he will not accomplish great things on his own. When you send him away for an overnight camp, you are pushing him to take lead and be in charge of his livelihood, even for a little while. That time can have great effects on his personality and attitude.

  2. Always pushing to try new things:

    We – as parents – all do it subconsciously: try to push our kids to what we like, or at least what we think is right for them. A doctor will always push his son to like science, while a bodybuilder will push his son to like sports. There is nothing wrong with walking in your parents’ footsteps, but wouldn’t it be great if he chose to do it himself? After a few days of activities he has never seen or never tried before, your son will definitely have enough knowledge to make an informed decision of what he wants or likes to do.

  3. Reconnecting with nature:

    All modern kids do not appreciate nature and its beauty. It’s no fault of their own, really, since today’s world is all about technology and electronics. They just haven’t seen enough of nature to truly fall in love with it. Overnight camp makes them spend a few days away from the screens and into the wild. Your child will have a deeper appreciation of mother nature when he comes back.

  4. Building friendships:

    In a world that is ruled by screens and virtual relations, there is no room for your child to have real, life-long friendships. Sending your son to overnight camp provides separation from the virtual world. He has no phone, no TV, no video games, and nowhere to escape actual, human contact. He will have the opportunity to make a lot of friends, most of which will last a lifetime through their shared experiences at camp.

You Will Definitely Be Proud After Sending Your Son To Overnight Camp

When you see how changed – for the better – your kid is, you’ll be proud of him, and yourself. You’ve endured a stressful time – as did he – but in the end, it benefited you both.

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