3 Benefits Of Sending Your Son To Overnight Camp

Posted on Nov 28, 2018 5:58 am

It may only be September, but that doesn’t mean that it is too early to start thinking about next summer’s plans! Have you considered sending your son to an overnight camp next year? Making the decision to send your son to Camp Shohola, an overnight camp near New Jersey, is one of the easiest ways to give your son the best summer ever! If you’ve never sent your son away to an overnight camp, you may be weary about making this decision. However, if you think your son is ready, the benefits that come along with going to overnight camp are endless! Keep on reading to see what Camp Shohola believes the top three benefits of overnight camp are.

  1. Stress Free Learning Environment- Stress and anxiety regarding school and homework is becoming more and more common for children of all ages. Whether it is the pressure of succeeding, the deadlines, all of the different tests, or hours of homework. Learning has become stressful and filled with anxiety for school-aged children. But at Camp Shohola, boys learn something new everyday. Whether it is a new sport, activity, or learning life skills at overnight camp, children will be given a stress free environment where they can learn things that they are actually interested in and will help them in life.
  2. Stay Active- It can be extremely difficult for children to stay active during the summer months. With all of the new technology surrounding them, more and more children are spending their summer inside playing the latest video game or watching new YouTube videos. But at overnight camp, children are guaranteed to stay active all summer long, in a fun and exciting manner. At Camp Shohola, we offer a wide variety of overnight camp activities that are sure to please campers and keep them both mentally and physically active.
  3. Gain Independence- By sending your son to overnight camp, you are giving them an opportunity to gain independence and to become more confident in themselves. From the second that children are dropped off, they learn how to take care of themselves and to live on their own. This is great preparation for college and future endeavors.

If you’re interested in sending your son to the best overnight camp near New Jersey next summer, then contact Camp Shohola today! Call us at (570)-371-4760 for more information or to take a tour of the campgrounds!