Shohola’s support staff fills very important roles without which camp could never function. These are our kitchen staff, our laundry personnel, our maintenance and groundskeepers, and our nurses. The hours are very similar to the hours of our counselors even though the duties are different. If you are a person who is willing to work “behind the scenes” to make an organization successful, then you have the right personality to be support staff. If you would like to apply for a position in a supporting role at camp, please fill out the New Staff Application on the Forms page and email or fax it to the director.


Shohola offers one of the best environments for support staff in the camping world. We understand that time off is essential to keep staff happy and well rested so that they can perform their very rigorous duties to the absolute best of their abilities. Shohola offers more time off than most camps, and even provides transportation for staff during their free time, which is very rare. Our salaries are competitive, if not higher than most camps in the area. Shohola also has a computer lab for staff use and many areas around camp are wi-fi hot spots. The memories and the friends you make at camp will stay with you forever. Even more importantly, the memories you help make for the campers will stay with them forever and will impact their lives in a very positive way.