Great Variety, Great Instruction, Great Summer!!!

Camp Shohola’s program is one of the most complete programs in camping. We offer a well-rounded set of activities to satisfy the interests of any kind of camper. And we help them choose a schedule that is tailored exactly to their interests. Boys are not all the same, and we don’t want them to be. Shohola offers diverse activities to stir the interests and talents of a diverse group of boys. Because of this, the sports nut, the outdoor adventurer, and the artist can all come to Shohola and feel like their summer was made just for them. That’s why we say it’s “Your Summer, Your Camp”. Evening activitiesand special activities further enhance our already outstanding program.

Here’s How It Works:

Shohola offers five instructional activity periods each day. But we want a camper to be able to choose more than just five activities, so we divide the week into “A Days” and “B Days”. Shohola campers can choose up to five a-day activities and five b-day activities for a grand total of ten activities. They can change their minds and switch activities within the first week of camp; but our goal is to have them follow through with their chosen schedule for up to four weeks so that they get consistent instruction and go home with some new skills, including the skill of following through. This maximizes the camper’s enjoyment and helps build self-confidence. Campers who stay with us longer than four weeks will get a new schedule at the changeover between sessions.

What Do The Campers Choose From?

Shohola’s program is divided into six departments: