Boys Sleepaway Camp

Trying to find a summer camp for your son can be a really stressful experience. Every child is different which makes selecting the perfect camp even more difficult. But here at Camp Shohola, we have some tips to help choosing a boys sleepaway camp easier. Take these tips in to consideration when researching summer camps for your son this summer!

  1. Interests- Ask your son what he wants to do at boys camp. Is he interested in a specific sport or art program? At Camp Shohola, we offer a variety of boys camp activities. We have land sports, water sports, outdoor adventures, equestrian, communication and technology, and art. Something for everyone!
  2. Involvement- Get your son involved in selecting a boys camp. Ask him what he’s interested in, where his friends are going, and if he knows of any camps that he might like to try. This will not only get him excited about boys camp, but also make him feel more confident about going away.
  3. Visit- Once you’ve started to decide on a few boys camp options, go visit them. You will be able to see all of the boys camp facilities in person and see if your son likes it or not. It will also help you as a parent feel more comfortable knowing where your son will be spending the summer.
  4. Reviews- Look on the website to see if there are any testimonials. If not, call the camp and see if you can contact a family who has sent their son there. Not only will you hear about the boys camp experience but you also feel reassured if this is the right choice or not.
  5. Price- When you eventually find the perfect camp, check out the boys camp rates. Don’t cancel out a camp because you think its too expensive. Boys camp is a big investment, but you will also be investing in your son’s future. There are a lot of boys camp benefits and picking the perfect camp is well worth the price. If you aren’t sure if you will be able to afford the boys camp, ask if there are any discounts or scholarships.

Camp is supposed to be a memorable experience! We try to encourage even our most timid campers to try new things, meet new people and experience new things and step out of their comfort zones. Facing your fears can seem nearly impossible. Our summer camp staff will do their best to try and help you over come them. There is no better place to try new things than Camp Shohola.

If you’re looking for the best boys sleepaway camp, contact Camp Shohola at (570)-371-4760 for more information or to schedule a tour today!