Below are articles writen by kids about their canoeing experinces at Camp Shohola

Canoeing Camps

By Zach Frankel Cabin 7

In canoeing, we learn some of the basic strokes for turning and paddling straight paddling; we also learn techniques for more difficult canoeing. In canoeing, we did a lot of relaxing; canoeing is a lot of fun.

Canoeing Camps

By Imlam Caping

One of my favorite classes is canoeing because we paddle to Blueberry Island. We capsize a lot; it is very fun. One time we went in the river and called it extreme canoeing. The next month we had a class called extreme canoeing. You do a lot of capsizing. When we capsize to turn our self back over we put one boat on tome of another boat to get the water out. Then we flip the boat back to the right side. Shona and Reade are the counselors. They will help you a lot with turning and ways to paddle.

Summer Canoeing Camp

by Ethan Schmidt Cabin 12

Canoeing with Jake is fun. Everyday we go out and canoe and paddle around Blueberry Island. Jake and Tommy are good teachers and they teach you how to steer and how to paddle correctly. When we go out, we get to see the trees, water, and fish. Usually, we go two per canoe, but sometimes Jake lets us go in the five person war-canoe. Canoeing is really fun.