Radio Days

Radio is a great class to do. You learn how to cue a record and how to sign on the aim and other fun stuff like that. Madison is a great teacher and I have learned a lot. Radio is fun because it’s full of hard work that definitely pays off. Do you listen to Y100 or 99.5? The DJ on that radio station started off the same way as me! Choosing radio is the right decision.

David Poznansky


In electronics there are many kits to choose from and many nice people to learn from. They know many things to help you learn. Electronic kits are very fun and exciting to make because you can become smart. You can make many things, from light up kits to robots that are solar powered, such as the ‘Turbo 2000’. It comes in electric, battery and solar power. That is what I have to say about electronics.

Jonathan Selub

Technology links us to home

At Commtech you are able to keep contact with the outside world. You can talk to your parents with emails or see how your home sport team is doing. You can look at new websites to see what is going on around the world. During the day you are able to talk to your friends by IMing them. By having five computers and allowing ten minutes of surfing, Commtech allows many people to go online and have their time on the internet. At Camp Shohola when you are away from home, technology can help you to have a small piece of home with you.

Matt Rumack