Coping With Homesickness At Overnight Camp

Whether it’s your child’s first summer at overnight camp, or third summer, homesickness is an extremely common issue that doesn’t have a cure. Everyone gets a little homesick while at overnight camp in Pennsylvania, and we are here to help. At Camp Shohola, we have come up with a few ways to help your son cope with homesickness while at overnight camp this summer.

  • First off, try to prevent homesickness before your son leaves for the summer. Take a tour of the overnight camp facilities to get your son more familiar with his new surroundings. If possible, have your son meet a member of the overnight camp staff that he will see this summer. Having a familiar face that you can look for and talk to is a great way to make your son more comfortable at overnight camp.
  • Once your son is away at overnight camp, send a lot of letters and care packages. If possible, send a letter before your son arrives at camp so he has something waiting for him! We aren’t saying send one every day, but maybe three a week. This will give your child a nice little reminder of home and hopefully ease some feelings of homesick. Make sure to follow any rules that the camp might have about what you can and can’t send.
  • In your letters, ask your child about a typical day at overnight camp. What does he like about it? What kind of overnight camp activities is he participating in? What are his new friends like? Don’t include something that might make him miss home more or feel bad about leaving. Try and focus on him being at overnight camp rather than the things he is missing at home.

Dealing with homesickness is something that every parent will have to face. By following these tips and remaining positive about overnight camp, we hope your child has an amazing summer filled with as little homesickness as possible!

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