Below are articles writen by kids about their digital photography training experinces at Camp Shohola

Summer Digital Photography Camp

By Daniel Brill, working senior

This is my second year taking photography at Camp Shohola, and I think it is a top-notch activity at this camp. Last year, when I was in cabin 15, I reluctantly took photography. I soon enjoyed myself very much in the class. In photography, you learn how to roll film and put it in a camera. You also learn about all of the components of the camera including the aperture, the focus, and the light meter. After learning how to use the camera and rolling film in it, you can take still, action, dark or light pictures. Since I am a working senior, I can aid in the class. When I am an aid, I help the instructor by taking some of the campers out to take pictures, and the other campers stay with the instructor and print pictures. Sooner or later, all the campers will learn how to develop and print pictures through rotation.