Below are articles writen by kids about their electronics training experinces at Camp Shohola

Kids Electronic Camp

By Jon Noble, Working Senior

What I found most interesting about Camp Shohola is the diversity in the activities offered. These activities range from water and land sports to arts and crafts and tech classes such as Advanced Electronics. At first I was concerned about signing up for Advanced Electronics. I worried that it might be too hard, or maybe too easy. I thought that I might not know enough to take the class. Those thoughts soon changed as Dave Love walked up to the Commtech porch and started to explain everything we would need to know. On the first day alone, we learned everything from the exact definition of electricity to the workings of sound waves. There are two basic parts to the electronics class: The beginning of class has to do with learning the basics of electronics and building a small device of our own from our own imagination. The second part of the class is choosing and building different electronics kits like a strobe light or FM transmitter from given parts. A great combination of teachers and campers make this class a fun experience to have at Camp Shohola. Even though the class is fun, it does require some work. Therefore, the class should be taken seriously. Any one with even a small interest in electronics and science should love this class.

Kids Summer Electronic Camp

By Paul Meissner, cabin 15

This summer at Camp Shohola, I took Electronics. It was my second year taking this class, but it felt as though it was a new experience all together. They had changed the class around to clarify new things. We learned the importance of electricity and how we control it to fulfill our needs. My favorite class was when we were able to feel the effect of electricity. We also were able to build our own small appliances to provide hours of amusement. The electronics that I took was for beginners to intermediates, but no matter how much experience you had, it was still fun.