Below are articles writen by kids about their hiking training experinces at Camp Shohola

Summer Hiking Camp

By Reade Etherington, working senior

I was very excited to find out that we were doing this trip again this year because last year it contributed to my personal growth mentally and physically. On the first day, we only hiked 2.5 miles to our campsite because it is straight uphill and we weren’t really in shape at all. On the second day, we felt so refreshed to be hiking, because our muscles are already much stronger than before. The second day is the longest hiking day because we cover over 12 ½ miles and peak over 3 mountains. This hike really assures that you get a good night’s sleep because it is so challenging. The third day we only hiked a little over six miles because all of us were so exhausted from the long hike the previous day. The fourth day starts with a very hard ascent and on this day we peak our hardest and highest mountain, Mt. Lafayette, which had amazing views. When the hike is over, I was sad to think I might not get to do it again, but happy because it was so hard.