Below are articles written by kids about their hockey training experiences at Camp Shohola

Year round hockey

I think roller hockey is one of the best activities at camp because it lets people like me, who plays ice hockey during the winter, keep my skills up. In addition, I like that my friends who don’t play ice hockey can play competitively with me during the summer and have a great time. I take roller hockey two periods each day. I never get tired of it. Eric Green

Street hockeyshots in position

Street hockey is a great sport. You learn a lot of different things. You learn how to shoot and how to be a defensive and offensive player. There are three different types of shots. They are the slap shot, snap shot and the wrist shot. An offensive player tries to shoot on the opposite goal; a defensive player defends his own goal.

I love this sport and I am pretty good at it. If you learn it you will be good at it too. There are also positions to play. They are left wing, right wing, center, right and left defense and goalie. There are three types of hockey you can play; ice, roller and street hockey. Kyle Schiff

Hockey class blast

Camp Shohola provides a great number of fun activities. One of my favorites is the street hockey program. Mark McAuliffe and Michal Stransky teach the kids drills, technique and other cool stuff. In the beginning of most classes we start out with drills. We form lines next to the goal and a person from each line runs, passing the ball and shooting the ball at the net. Shohola offers street hockey games against other camps in the Pike County. They put teams together for different age groups. We all have positions and we play a game against the other camp’s team. It is a lot of fun playing against people you do not know. Street hockey at Shohola is a huge thing that everyone enjoys. We have great Counselors and a lot of fun.
Max Steinberg