We are only months away from the first day at Camp Shohola! We are so excited that our campers are one day closer to being here to begin the best summer ever at our Quaker sleepaway camp in the Northeast! Now that summer is finally here, it is important for kids to stay active just like they did all throughout the school year. And the perfect place to guarantee that children stay moving and having fun is Camp Shohola!

When it comes to summer vacation, a lot of children will spend their time in front of the computer, on their phone, or sitting in front of a television screen. When in reality, they should be moving around and staying active. Overnight camp keeps children active both mentally and physically. With the stress of the school year behind them, children can run around with out a care in the world. Plus, children will still be learning at overnight camp, just in a different way! At Camp Shohola, there are a lot of Quaker overnight camp activities for boys to choose from. This will keep campers actively moving all summer by participating in water sports, land sports, outdoor adventures, equestrian programs, communication & technology, and the arts! All of these activities encourage children to think and try their hardest. Our Quaker overnight camp staff is always ready to help campers reach their fullest potential and achieve their goals. We pride ourselves on the safe and supportive community at Camp Shohola where campers can feel free to be themselves and try anything without the fear of failure or being judged. A typical day at Quaker overnight camp keeps campers active from the second they wake up to the second they lay down at night. In addition to keeping children active and healthy throughout the summer, the benefits of Quaker overnight camp are endless!

Interested in sending your son to the best Quaker sleepaway camp in the Northeast? Contact Camp Shohola at (570)-371-4760 for more information or to schedule a tour today!

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