Below are articles writen by kids about their mountain biking training experinces at Camp Shohola

Summer Mountain Biking Camp for Kids

By Eric Insler, cabin 13

“What comes up, must come down” is the only proverb that matters to mountain bikers. On Wednesday, July 24th, I went on a mountain biking trip with Gabe, from Hungary, and Erik, from Denmark. We went to a local mountain, over the Delaware. The beginning of the trip was rough and challenging. Sharp up-hills and inclines led to short down hills. We did this for an hour and a half, until we reached an overlook. This gave us a serene view of the Delaware River. On our way back, we ate lunch by a waterfall. After we ate, we swam in the lake. We then took a shorter trail home, before ending with an even shorter trip by Shohola Falls. It was a great trip.

Summmer Mountain Biking Camp

By Martin Miloschewsky, working senior

This trip was a bit different than the others. We were only two campers and two counselors. No other people from second month have interest in mountain biking. Trip started like usual with meeting at 9:30 a.m. in dinning hall to prepare some sandwiches for lunch. Today it was really fast; at 11:00 a.m. we left to horse stables for bikes. At 11:10 a.m. we left with all gear ready for biking. Today we found our destination really quickly, because Gabe was there last year. The place was nice and no one was there yet. Now we had about two hours between first part of trip until lunch at 1:00 p.m. We rode in a wood where there were a lot of fallen sticks and sometimes trees too. There must have been a strong storm last day, and maybe in night also. Trail was not so difficult. But there were a lot of intense hills. Eric Insler has sometimes a bit of problems, but he was brave and got up the trail with a happy mind and smile at his lips. After an hour, we reached the top of highest hill in nearest county. We saw some river in the valley (I think that it was the Delaware River). Eric took some pictures, so I hope you can see it. The trip back was really faster, because we went mostly uphill on way forward, so on the way back we get mostly downhill. It was awesome because I like fast parts. For lunch, Gabe chose really lovely place under waterfall. We had our bathing suits, so we could go swimming. Water was really warm and tidy. Some older guys were jumping from a high rock to the water. We tried to go through the waterfall. It was really nice massage for our tired muscles. We spent there about one hour. We were recharged, so we could continue with biking. We tried another trail from the parking lot, but it returned back to the main trail. So we went to the car and tried to find some trails in Shohola Rest Center, but we didn’t find anything. So the trip ended at half past three, a bit earlier than normal, but it doesn’t matter. This trip was a nice example of a really good trip of Camp Shohola.