David Schneider steps up to the plate. He grins as the pitcher winds up. A big softball lobs itself over the plate, right down the center of the field. Perfect! Schneider slams it for a double! Pike County Athletics is a big part of Shohola because of that thing in the back of everyone’s minds saying, “What if I make the winning home-run, catch, etc.?” The softball games are almost always wins for Shohola this year because so many ball players come to this camp.

We try our best to win, whether it’s against Lake Owego, New Jersey “Y” or others in our league. Our coaches play us at just the right positions so it’s almost impossible for us to lose but unfortunately every team usually has at least one loss. We have great players like Max Steinberg and Phil Ayers. Probably our best win was when Phil scored in overtime, so our camp celebrated like crazy.

Basketball is a new story. Players like Jonah Bromwich and the Working Seniors rock the courts. It’s fun to watch them play Pike County because they are so good. Juan Manuel dribbles past one defender, then another.

Being the most popular sport in the world, soccer is also taken to a new level at Camp Shohola. From Juan Jose’s victory back flips to winning 15 and under games 5 to 1, Camp Shohola can kill in soccer because of it’s amazing foreign and American soccer players. Pike County League is the best.
David Poznansky and Ben Lerner