Below are articles writen by kids about their rocketry training experinces at Camp Shohola

Kids Rocketry Camp

By Andrew Schiff, cabin 13

I have rocketry period 3A and it is fun. Our teacher, Andras, shows us how to make rockets. He also makes sure that we are safe and that we don’t make mistakes. We can choose which skill level to make. There are three levels, the third level being the hardest. I chose to make a level 2 rocket. At the time of writing this, I had just attached the engine holder and the fins to the main rocket body. I am very excited because when our rockets are finished, we get to launch them!

Rocketry Summer Camp

By Lee Whipple Cabin 3

Rocketry is a lot of fun to take. In the class, we make rockets by first choosing a rocket. There are three different levels. After you choose a rocket, then you take all the pieces out and make sure you have all of the pieces. Then, you start making the rocket. Our teacher’s name is Phil, and he’s a good teacher. My favorite part is making the rocket because I like making stuff. When you’re done with the rocket, you can start on another one. At the end of the year, you launch the rockets.