Below are articles writen by kids about their Sailing training experinces at Camp Shohola

Summer Sailing Camps

The Wind Beneath My Sail

Sailing is so much fun and one of the best parts about it is that it is on the lake. It’s also a really easy sport to learn. When there is lots of wind the classes are more fun since you glide against the water faster. My favorite thing to do in sailing is to flip over. So if you are staying second month take sailing. It is an awesome class. It’s my favorite activity and it is the coolest too. You should definitely come to Camp Shohola to take sailing.

Sailing Camps

By: Kyle Schiff, WS

Sailing is amazing. After taking sailing at camp for about three years, I have learned all I need to know about sailing. Now, I can just go out on a sunfish boat with my friends and catch the wind and sail across the lake. During one class, we caught so much wind that the boat was on its side and we were almost falling off. Going on the lake is great because when it is scorching hot out and you jump in the water or you fall off your boat, it is very fun and relaxing. While sailing, you can socialize with friends and other people from other camps. The is much work needed in order to set up a boat for sailing. You must unwrap the sail and raise it to its highest point. You have to put the center board into the slot in the middle of the boat and tie the sail in place so it does not come crashing down on you. When you are finished with those and when you have checked your boat for any defects or rips and tears, it is time to go out and have some fun.

Sailing Camp

By Hector Vazquez & Juan Manuel Jimenez, cabin 8

When you get on the boat, you get the feeling of floating through the air like a bird. Even though getting into the cold water can be an unlikable experience, once you get on the boat, time is stopped and you keep on flying. Putting the sail up, the dagger board down, and using the rudder are the necessary procedures to have a nice and smooth ride. The counselors create a great environment and make the classes enjoyable.

Summer Sailing Camp

By Chris Woods

Kevin Wright and Jane Flemming teach sailing, my favorite of the waterfront activities. On the first day we learned how to raise the sails and catch wind. We learned how you use the rudder to steer the boat. Jane and Kevin also taught us how to raise the boom, which is named for the sound it makes when it swings across and hits you in the head!

Summer Sail Camp

By Jake Berman

Sailing involves a sail, rudder, a mast, and boat. In sailing you learn how to sail, it’s pretty easy. When we get to sailing class they show us how to sail. The first thing you learn is that if you the rudder left you go right and if you turn the rudder right you go left. Then the consolers show you how to put the centerboard in. Then you swim the boat out. Then you pull the mast up and unfold the sail. Then you put the rudder in the water. You never want the sail to be parallel with the wind, always have it slanted a little. It is really fun to go sailing when it is windy. You can tell if its windy by looking at grass, trees or just looking to see if the lake has ripple on it. Sailing is quite easy but it is very fun.

Summer Camp Sailing

By Ryan Levan Cabin 8

Sailing is great. I have it third period on “A” days. This is my third year at Shohola, but this is only my first year sailing. In my first day of sailing, I thought that everyone had sailed for a much longer time. However, I was quickly comforted by Pepito, the sailing instructor, when he and I went sailing together, and he taught me the basics. Although I am not the best sailor in the class, I still have fun and do something I don’t get to do regularly, sail.