Below are articles written by kids about their skateboarding training experiences at Camp Shohola

The long awaited Skate Park

I remember my first skateboarding experience at Camp Shohola. It was six years ago when I was in Cabin eight. It was this experience that led to me discovering my own love of skating. I remember one night when I was walking past the pavilion, the lights were on and there were three kids skating… I sat and watched for a time and an interest sparked in me. In following years skateboarding at camp progressed. We set up logs, old beds and bed boards on top of mats. We skated anything we could find. We were based in the pavilion but every chance we got we would sneak over to the hockey or basketball courts and set up shop. Working Senior year for me (2001) was when things really took off. I had the idea of taking a trip to the local skate park. Little did I know I would be the one planning it! It was a huge success. My first year as a Counselor I got some more things done. This was the first year (2002) that there was a skating class, a huge leap for Camp Shohola. We got the pavilion and we had a quarter pipe, a bank and a rail to work with. We used our imaginations and made other elements and obstacles. We also averaged one skate park trip a.week. This year the class is huge and with over 40 participants it has matched ranks with the most popular activities at camp. With the addition of a mini ramp, a rail, two launch ramps and coping on elements things are looking up. For the future I envision a large-scale expansion at the park and hopefully one day it will achieve the status that it deserves in the same way that Ropes once did. I thank every person who helped me do all of this and I pray that it will be kept up in the future whether I am here to do it or not. We’ve come a long way from what I have seen in seven years and it is good to know that all of the hard work has paid off. Jamie Ayers

Nice and relaxing

This year when I arrived at camp I saw that there was a new skate park. It is very nice and is located next to the pavilion, where the old double tennis courts used to be. The park includes a new mini ramp. The class is taught by Jamie Ayers and is offered Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for three periods. During class time, we are all allowed to skate on our skateboards or roller blades. I like skateboarding class because it is nice and relaxing, I think it is the best activity offered at camp!
Phil Ayers

New tricks make coolest class

In skateboarding Jamie Ayers teaches us a lot of new tricks. Skateboarding this year is ten times better than last year. Instead of being in the pavilion, Shohola now has a Skate Park on the old tennis courts. We also have some new great ramps. I am spending a lot of time at the Skate Park since I take the class for 3 periods every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. With all my skateboarding classes, I have learnt more tricks than I ever imagined. This is by far the coolest class and I recommend any beginner or expert skateboarder to join this class because there are many trips and of course, fun filled fun.
Cody Umbel