Why Are Some Sleep Away Camps Less Expensive Than Others In Pennsylvania?

Camps are just like any other business. They have to buy things and cover their costs with revenue, or in a camp’s case, tuition. Large camps have more money to spread out over their regular, fixed costs. Therefore, those camps may be able to reduce their tuition. On the other hand, smaller camps with fewer kids don’t necessarily have as much to spread out their costs, so their tuition may be a bit higher.

Price of sleep away camp might be related to the amount of staff hired. The camper to counselor ratio is crucial to running a successful camp. Therefore, some camps spend more to lower their camper to counselor ratio to give their campers more time and attentiveness. This could increase tuition; while at the same time allow campers more access and time to counselors.

How should cost factor into picking a sleep away camp in Pennsylvania for the first time?

I had a conversation with a mother this week, and she was trying to decide whether or not to send her son to Camp Shohola for boys, our camp, or a less expensive camp. Her initial response was “I really just want him to try sleep away camp and if he actually likes it, then send him to Camp Shohola next summer.” At first, it made a lot of sense. Then after thinking about it more, I was reminded that a child’s first year at sleep away camp is very crucial because that one summer will determine whether that child returns to the camp next year. Because sleep away camp experience, this could be a risky move. Make sure your child’s first year at camp is a good one. Do your research. Talk to the directors personally. If there is a sleep away camp you really like, even if it’s slightly more expensive, I’d say it’s worth it, especially for a first-year camper. Your child’s future and development are on the line.

How do I make summer camp tuition in Pennsylvania more affordable?

Paying for summer camp tuition is definitely an investment. Here are a few tips on making it affordable, even if you don’t have a big salary.

  1. Set up a monthly payment plan.

Many camps allow you to set up a monthly payment plan, spreading tuition payments over several months. This makes it much more manageable for a lot of families.

  1. Take advantage of discounts.

Most camps offer some type of priority enrollment for returning campers or an incentive to sign up for camp by a specific date. Ask about these as soon as you are serious about enrolling.

If you’re interested in a sleep away camp in Pennsylvania, contact Camp Shohola at (570) 371-4760 for more information or to schedule a tour!

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