Sleepaway Camp Washington D.C.

Camp Shohola, an all boys summer sleepaway camp near Washington DC is one of the most complete programs in camping. Camp Shohola offers activities to satisfy the interests of any kind of camper. If your son is into sports, arts and crafts, and outdoor activities, (etc.) then our camp is the right one for your son. Check out our complete program list here! At camp, we guarantee that your son will have the opportunity to try new things, make new friendships and even step out of their comfort zones!

Camp Shohola’s summer camp for boys not far from Washington DC, offers a wide range of activities from canoeing and hiking to archery and ultimate frisbee. If you’re interested in a summer camp for boys that’s driving distance away from your home in Washington DC, look no further than Camp Shohola. This Summer Camp is a great place for boys to spend the summer, with over a hundred faculty and staff representing different countries from around the world, working to ensure your camper has a positive experience. Campers learn and have fun in a safe and encouraging environment. Boys are free to test themselves in athletics, express themselves in the arts, or simply be themselves while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery at our boys overnight camp. If you’re interested in having your son attend Camp Shohola in Greeley, Pennsylvania, please contact us at (570) 371-4760 or email us at

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