Sports Camp Pa

Where Is The Best Sports Camp In PA Located?

Camp Shohola is the best sports sleepaway camp in PA. Our facility consists of a beautiful 75 acres on Lake Greeley, in Greeley, PA. We are located in the Pocono Mountains only about 90 miles from New York City.

What Activities Are Offered At A Sports Camp In PA?

Our goal at Camp Shohola is to have young boys unplug from technology and enjoy the great outdoors with fun and competitive activities. We provide a positive environment where children are able to connect with each other and build lasting relationships and memories. We offer a long list of activities that your child will love including a variety of land sports and watersports. Campers get the opportunity to personally pick out their own schedules, where they are able to choose from outdoor adventures, arts, tech, and equestrian programs.

Is Sports Camp In PA Competitive?

Camp Shohola are proud members of the ACA and Pike County Camp Athletic Association. As a result, we are able to offer a level of competition that will satisfy the most avid sports enthusiasts and players. We create intramural teams that have the chance of competing against other camps in our region. These new forms of competition can elevate any player’s game to the next level. Furthermore, there is no bench-warming at Camp Shohola, we make sure that each camper gets a chance to play in every game

Why Choose A Sports Camp In PA?

Camp Shohola enables each child to have better supervision and more personal attention than they would at a bigger summer camp. As a result, parents can expect the director of camp to know their child on a first name basis.

Finding The Best Sports Camp In PA

Our team at Camp Shohola are experts in summer camp. We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding sports camp in Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York City, and Summit New Jersey. Contact Camp Shohola today to schedule a free visit. Call now (570) 371-4760

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