Below are articles writen by kids about their stained glass training experinces at Camp Shohola

Kids Stained Glass Camp

By Anonymous

Stained Glass is one of the best activities in camp. You would think you have to paint the glass and get all messy but the glass is already stained. There are a few things that you have to do. they are: pick out one of the many designs, trace it, pick out pieces of glass, cut the glass, grind it down to fit with other glass, foil it, solder it, and then stain the solder to the color you want. It sounds like a long and strenuous process, but it is very simple. Thank you for your time!

Stained Glass Summer Camp

By Anonymous

There are five kinds of arts and crafts, but my favorite is stained glass because you can make whatever you want and because the teachers are nice and helpful if you need any help. Stained glass is a beautiful thing to have on a table or hung in the window because the light shines through it and it makes nice colors and its an extremely pretty picture. In stained glass, you cut the glass with a very sharp knife and then grind to make the perfectly smooth piece, which is then bordered in foil. After it is foiled, you glue them together and you’re finished. It sounds easy and it is, depending on what you do. It might be easy if it’s a three piece project, or it might be hard if it’s a 23 piece project. Stained glass is great and you’d think so too.

Summer Stained Glass Camp

By Anonymous

Stained glass is one of the best classes I take at Camp Shohola. It is a great class to make something cool for yourself or your family. It is a cool class to think about things and reflect back on what happened earlier in the week. I love looking back on what I made and that I made something by myself that turned out so nicely. Stained glass is an awesome class and I recommend it to anyone who hasn’t done it yet.

Kids Summer Stained Glass Camp

By Scott Kominers Cabin 13

In stained glass, you have an opportunity to create glass works of art such as sculpture, sun catchers, and boxes. This class is taught by Radek, Shansby, and Kamila. There are many delicate procedures involved in stained glass. First, you select a pattern and copy it several times. Then, you affix one copy to your selected glass, and keep the other for reference. Once your pattern is set, you use one of a variety of tools to cut the glass. Once cut, the glass is ground until all the pieces fit together perfectly. Then, you cover the edges of the glass with foil to draw the solder. Flux is applied to make the solder stick. (In electronics, flux is built-into the solder.) Using a hot soldering iron, solder is applied, connecting pieces and filling gaps. The solder is then covered in patina, which both makes the solder appear older and strengthens the solder. The piece is washed, and is ready for display! Stained glass is a fun class, but it requires a lot of patience. Glass is brittle, and cuts can take a while if done correctly.