Summer Camp Philadelphia

Where Can I Find A Summer Camp In Philadelphia?

As an accredited member of the American Camp Association, Camp Shohola is a leading sports camp in Philadelphialocated 90 miles from New York City and 235 miles from Baltimore. Camp Shohola is an all-boys camp for ages 7 to 16. If you are searching for a summer camp in New York or a summer camp in Baltimore for your child, Camp Shohola is a perfect choice.

What Are The Benefits Of A Summer Camp In Philadelphia?

We average about 150 campers ranging from ages 7 to 16. Each cabin holds eight to ten campers and two or three counselors. A small camp offers the benefits of personal attention from counselors, better daily supervision, and a tight-knit community feel. As a result, the parents of campers are able to call any time and speak to the director. Camp Shohola has one of the best supervision ratios in the camping industry.

What Activities Are Offered At A Summer Camp In Philadelphia?

Each camper chooses ten activities per session. With the exception of swimming, campers are able to choose from more than 40 different activities. It is our hope that campers select a variety of programs from land sports, water sports, arts, and specialty areas so that they will return home with new skills as well as expanding former interests.


Is A Summer Camp In Philadelphia Right For My Child?

Camp Shohola is an ideal environment for any child who loves competitive sports or just wants to try new experiences. We bring it back to the basics by unplugging from technology and learning to have fun connecting with peers and enjoying the beautiful outdoors. We are big enough to offer an exceptional program, yet small enough to get to know your son on a personal basis. Camp Shohola is more like a large family filled with love, acceptance, and limitless opportunities.

What Foods Are Offered?

We offer a diverse menu of food served family-style with unlimited quantities. However, desserts are kept to one serving in order to limit sugar intake. For each breakfast serving, we have a full breakfast bar serving fresh fruit, granola, and yogurt.

Finding A Summer Camp In Philadelphia

Our team at Camp Shohola are experts in sleepaway camp. We are here to answer any questions or concerns regarding a summer camp in Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore, New Jersey, and Washington DC. Contact Camp Shohola to schedule a free visit or find out more information. Call now (570) 371-4760.

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