Water Ski Camps

By: Gabe Canan-Zucker Editor-in-Cheif

I first met Bobby G. in 1997 on my first year at Shohola. Bob planted in me a love, a desire for water-skiing. I only have to spend one year with Bobby G. as my teacher but his aura left an impression on me that I will always remember. I was told a story by Larry Aaronson that he and Kit Barger, when they were younger, would go out and try to water-ski. This was when Kit’s father had just bought a new house and boat and was about to start a new water ski program here at camp. The two of them went out and tried to get up on water-skies for an entire week everyday during work camp. They would rush out right after the dinner meal was over and every time they failed miserably. When Bob showed up for work camp they asked him to come out and try to do it with them. They told Bob that it was impossible, that it was the hardest thing in the world and he would not be able to do it. When they brought him out with them, he hopped in the water and on his very first try Bob was able to get up on two skies. After that, Bob Gillespie became Bobby G. head of the water ski program at Shohola. Bobby G. was not able to be here this year and that is because Bob has become very sick, he has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and is going to pass away. If you were to ask Bob today that I was he probably would not remember me, and that is okay because he has been teaching water-skiing here since the sixties. What is important though is that we all remember who he is. Bobby G. is a legend here at camp and I only wish that he could have been here during my last year as a camper and I wish that he could have been here to hear all of you chant his name during the banquet as I now it will be chanted for years to come. That is why this Argus is dedicated to Bob Gillespie.

Water Skiing Camps

By: Alex Nealon

It is fun to go water skiing. You need to lay backwards in the water, put your arms around your legs, put the rope between your skis and then the toes of your skis should be a little bit above the water. Don’t stand on your own, let the boat pull you up and when you are up, put your arms out straight. Put your weight on your left ski and you will go right and vice versa. It is really hard to swim with your skis on. At first you will fall down. But then you will get the hang of it and you will start to have some fun.

Water Skiing Camp

By Seth Broderson Cabin 6

Bent knees, arm straight. I grasp the rope as I’m jerked forward at full speed. I’m up! I’m really waterskiing. Pete suggested I go. He said it would be fun. He was right for all and all it was fun but for me tomorrow is the dance and that makes me happy.