Why Boys Should Go To Summer Camp Maryland

Unsure of what your son should do this summer? Instead of keeping him home and in front of a computer or TV screen this summer, send him to summer camp! Summer camp near Maryland is great for boys of all ages. At Camp Shohola, boys will spend their days making memories and learning skills that will stay with them once they leave at the end of the summer. Keep on reading to hear some more reasons why boys should attend summer camp in PA!

  1. Independence- A lot of the time, boys say that their favorite part of summer camp is the freedom they have from their parents. At summer camp, boys will learn to take care of themselves and to make their own decisions. They will get to decide what programs they want to take part in and who they want to socialize with. Summer camp is a great opportunity for boys to see what its like to be on their own and grow.
  2. New Skills- The benefits of summer camp are endless. But one of the best ones is all of the summer camp activitiesthat boys can choose from! A typical day at summer camp is filled with learning new skills and practicing. Whether boys are learning a new sport or practicing their favorite, they will learn something new and improve over the course of the summer. Another great thing is the nonjudgmental atmosphere that we have at Camp Shohola. Boys can feel free to try out any thing they want without the fear of failing.
  3. Communication & Socialization- Think of all of the new friends your son will make at summer camp! While going into summer camp might be a scary experience, your son will meet tons of other boys with similar interests on the first day. Many of our campers say that they have met their best friends at summer camp and keep in touch with them all year until it’s time to reunite in June!
  4. Nature- Everyone can use a break from technology and being inside. Summer camp is a great place to take that break. Boys will have more than enough time to go on adventures at summer camp and explore our beautiful campgrounds with their friends and our amazing summer camp staff!

Looking for the best summer camp near Maryland for your son? Contact Camp Shohola at 570-371-4760 for more information or to schedule a tour today!

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