Why Sleepaway Camp is More Important Than Ever

Camp Shohola has been raising young men since 1943. Sleepaway camp is more important than ever before. When it comes to a summer filled with fun and adventure, there is no better time than now to consider Camp Shohola. At sleepaway camp, our campers learn valuable skills that sharpen skills across the board and promote positivity. We are geared toward a fun yet rewarding experience that will be sure to make a positive impact that our campers remember.

Exciting Outdoor Pursuits

We focus on many different sports, both on land and in the water. On land, you can take part in more conventional sports such as baseball, basketball, soccer, street hockey, table tennis, or ultimate frisbee! Aside from this we also offer some more uncommon athletic experiences such as martial arts, rugby, conditioning, wrestling, archery, or riflery. Take to the water and explore a 70-acre lake where campers can take part in many summertime activities. We have kayaking, lifeguarding, waterskiing, windsurfing, water polo, fishing, canoeing, wakeboarding, sailing and of course swimming! There are some great ways to get active this summer. Sleepaway camp is more important than ever. Boost confidence, athletic endurance, and overall health. Take on new hobbies and engage in new challenges.


Not only do we promote a great variety of outdoor pursuit, and sporting activities. We also have our own Communications and Technology department. Here, campers can explore some unique activities not found in many other camps. We have programs to develop web design, coding, robotics, digital photography, video production, and journalism just to name a few. We also have many other special activities that only occur sometimes during the course of the summer. As a camper at Shohola, you will experience opportunities that most other campers do not.


Our art department is inclusive to focus on more than just traditional arts and crafts. We offer classes in drawing, painting, darkroom development, ceramics, instrumental, woodshop, stained glass, nature, silver shop, cartooning, and rocketry!

Explore the typical day at Camp Shohola. Develop new skills, discover new interests, and experience the benefits of teamwork. Camp Shohola is a unique summertime experience. We have a full range of activities suited to different campers! Contact us today for more information on why sleepaway camp is more important than ever.

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