We invite you to listen to one of our five audio streams.

Please do not use any of the main links if you are listening in camp on our high speed Ethernet or wireless networks. Use one of the on campus links instead to save bandwidth and computer resources. Connor Kelley, 2014 WCSR Radio Station Manager

This link will allow you listen to our standard low bandwidth MP3 audio stream from the AM master control room. This stream will rebroadcast FM when not programmed separately
On campus link.

This link will allow you to listen to our standard high bandwidth MP3 stereo audio stream from the FM master control room. This is higher quality feed supporting only four listeners. It will not work with a dial up modem and requires a DSL or cable modem to listen.
On campus link.

This link will allow you to listen to the audio stream directly from the FM master control room. You will be able to hear live programs and music fed directly from the FM master control console. This link might be turned off during class instructional periods.
On campus link.

This link will allow direct listening to occasional live broadcasts of remote sports feeds when broadcasting from a remote location by Internet connection, RPU transmitters, Telephone feeds, direct connection or wireless computer network feeds. When not used for live sports broadcasts or remote back feeds, we will program an eclectic mix of classical and jazz on this channel.
On campus link.

This link will allow you to listen continuously to the overnight server and you will not hear live broadcasts. The programming on this channel will be the same as the main FM channel we we are not broadcasting live.
On campus link.

Watch the WCSR studio webcam.

Our webcam software will only work properly with the Internet Explorer web browser. You can watch and listen at the same time on a dial up modem, but the refresh rate on the web cam will be slow.
On campus link.

Contact information

Washington DC, World Headquarters,
Main Offices and Master Control Center
Telephone: (202) 280-7901
Washington DC, World Headquarters, Main Offices,
President and CEO
Telephone: (202) 600-9892
Greeley, PA, Tech Center,
Satellite Uplink and Relay Center
Telephone: (570) 243-1165
Greeley, PA, Channel 43 Television Studios,
ask the operator for extension 43
Telephone: (570) 685-7186
Greeley, PA, AM 64 Master Control Room,
ask the operator for extension 64
Telephone: (570) 371-4759
Greeley, PA, FM 92 Master Control Room,
ask the operator for extension 92
Telephone: (570) 371-4760
York, PA, Television Master Control Offices,
Satellite Uplink and Tech Center
Telephone: (717) 845-50860
York, PA, Internet Tech Center,
Offices and Server Rooms
Telephone: (717) 818-7962

Our main fax numbers are

(570) 504-1702 in Greeley, PA
(717) 815-1937 in York, PA

Our main E-mail address is
Direct studio e-mail addresses are , or


Please scroll to the bottom of the page for additional information if you are having problems listening to our audio stream, or viewing the images on the WCSR studio webcam.

Yes, you found us. WCSR, Wild Camp Shohola Radio, 640 AM and 91.9 FM Stereo, is sending our audio signal and studio web cam images, live to family and friends around the world on the Internet. Click on the first picture for more information about our unique summer camp activities.

Camp Shohola and WCSR have been Webcasting and streaming since 1993 and we are proud to be one of the first WEBCASTERS in the world. You may download any of the programs below to your computer or personal MP3 player and listen whenever you wish.

Our featured program for 2012 is an interview with comic writer and illustrator Lora Innes of Columbus Ohio. Her superbly written on line comics can be found on the web page

Here is the recorded interview played on July 4th 2009.

Here is a recording of one of our Roller Hockey games from last summer.

We have added two new dramatic programs this summer, (4 and 5 below). We have now produced more than ten radio dramatic productions called “Shohola Mystery Theatre”.

Click on a link to hear one of our original feature programs.

The first two programs were digitally recorded in our television studio with post production by Joan Bogden. The third program was actually broadcast “LIVE” at 10:00 PM. The fourth program was a re-recording of a popular program previously written, and the final program listed here was written by Joan and is based on a popular camp story. It was broadcast live on Sunday after five rehearsals. Duncan Barger was NOT in the studio on #3, he reported in live over the telephone while listening on the radio. All programs were written produced and directed by Joan Bogden with input and ideas from many of the campers featured on the shows. Recording Engineer was Tom Gibson for the first two programs with Madison Smith running the broadcast console for the third one. Credits for the programs are recorded at the end of each show. We hope you enjoy listening to our dramatic productions. Where else can anyone learn the art, science and skill of performing live radio drama, but Camp Shohola?

In addition to radio broadcasting, portions of the WCSR broadcast day can be heard on Camp Shohola Cable Television Channel 98, on an audio broadcast in buildings through out Camp Shohola, on the Internet using a standard MP3 audio stream, and occasionally on a World wide satellite broadcast on SatComm IV, transponder 7A, audio sub channel 4.2 or 4.8.

THE WCSR Air Schedule for the summer of 2014.

  • 7:00 to 8:00AM – THE WAKE UP SHOW
  • 8:00 TO 8:45 – THE BREAKFAST SHOW
  • 8:45 to 9:30AM – THE CABIN CLEAN UP SHOW
  • 11:30 TO 12:30PM – THE THIRD PERIOD SHOW
  • 1:00 TO 2:00PM – THE LUNCH SHOW
  • 2:00 TO 3:00PM – THE REST HOUR SHOW
  • 5:55 TO 6:45PM – THE DINNER SHOW
  • 7:30 TO 8:30PM – THE EVENING SHOW
  • 8:30 TO 9:30PM – THE NIGHT SHOW – Seniors and Working Seniors only
  • 9:30 TO 10:30PM – THE LATE SHOW – Working Seniors and Counselors only
  • 10:30 TO 11:30PM – THE GRAVEYARD SHOW – Counselors only
  • 11:30 TO 7:00AM – THE OVERNIGHT SHOW (usually programmed by Gerald, our ever faithful radio robot.)

When not programmed live by Camp Shohola campers or staff, our automation system affectionately named Gerald, will program a mix of music, news and weather announcements, along with the voices of hundreds of former WCSR announcers recorded over the past 50 years. Yes, the announced temperatures are accurate for Greeley, PA.

Programming may be interrupted at any time for live play-by-play broadcasts of inter-camp and intra-camp competition. Please check our other streams, if you can’t find the programming you are looking for. We have recorded or transmitted live broadcasts of soccer, basketball, hockey, chess, tennis, aquatic events, the WCSR Radio Mystery Marathon, and many other camp and Pike County events. We are able to provide ten, 24K audio streams through our servers, fed directly from the WCSR master control console program line. We also provide limited high bandwidth streams for those able to receive them.

This service is provided to allow family and friends to listen to the announcers on the air at WCSR and IM requests directly to the studio, the streams and webcam video are private and not intended for public reception. Please do not publicly post stream information.

IM information is at the bottom of the page.

Technical information about our audio and video streams.

Since there is a buffering delay on the audio stream to reduce reception interruptions, the studio camera picture will not be synchronized with the audio. The amount of the delay will depend on you connection speed.

The web cam delay is about 1 second with the refresh rate dependent on your connection speed. You CAN see and hear at the same time on a 56k modem, although the refresh rate will be slow on the web cam.

Our show times are approximate. We will program recorded shows or rebroadcast another of our stations when no one is programming locally.

In an effort to conserve bandwidth and not exceed our transfer limits, the audio stream will stop in ONE hour. If you would like to continue to listen, please click your play button again.

Please DO NOT access the audio or video feeds unless you are sitting at your computer watching and/or listening.

Here are LINKS to the audio stream data pages which contains technical information and a play list of prerecorded songs when we program directly from the computer. If any of the pages are not loading, it probably means the server is not running. The servers are usually turned off during severe Pocono Mountain thunderstorms, at night, and occasionally for maintenance. for the main AM and FM, low bandwidth, 24K monaural feed. for the FM high bandwidth 96K stereo feed directly from FM master Control room in Greeley. for the 96K AM feed, in stereo when streaming from the computer or the remote back feed. for the main high bandwidth FM stereo broadcast feed. for occasional streaming playback of special pre-recorded programs. for the worldwide remote broadcast feed to our main studios in Greeley.

How to listen to one of our streams:


Would you like to listen to WCSR, but are unable to receiver one of our broadcast signals?

We invite you to listen to one of our Internet Broadcast Audio Streams. Just click on one of the links above to listen to AM, FM, or the low bandwidth audio stream. If a link doesn’t take you anywhere, it probably means a computer crashed, it is late at night, or we have shut down the network because of an electrical thunderstorm. Please call one of our Washington DC lines if you have any questions at (202) 280-7901 or (202) 600-9892. You can also contact us at (570) 243-1165, for the FM control or AM Master Control Room, or to ask the engineer to re-start the stream so you can listen.

Our studio lines are (570) 371-4759 or (570) 371-4760, please ask the operator for the WCSR studios at extension 64 for AM or 92 for FM.

The emergency contact numbers are (717) 845-5086 or (717) 818-7962.

After you click on the link below, you may have to click on the ‘LISTEN’ button at the top of the page. We also program a third music stream for listeners that do not have high speed Internet service. Use this link for our low bandwidth audio stream if you are using a dial-up modem service. We are streaming using standard MP3 audio streams. You should be able to listen using Winamp, Real Audio, Quicktime, Windows Media Player or any other MP3 player. Unfortunately, Windows Media Player does not recognize the ‘listen.pls’ extension. You will have to cut and paste the URL into the player, without the extension, as described below. Please stop your player, when you are not actually listening, to help Camp Shohola save bandwidth and allow others to listen. (We do have limited resources.)

Read this section if you are having problems.

Our standard MP3 streams can be played using many different media players for Widows, Macintosh, and *nix operating systems. Our MP3 streams, available in the .pls format, will play natively in Winamp, iTunes, Real Player or most audio media players. If you have one of these programs just click one of the “listen live” buttons at the top of the page to listen to one of our streams. If you must use Microsoft’s Windows Media Player, you will need the latest version with all updates and patches installed, and then follow the instructions below. We suggest installing the latest free version of Winamp. The web address to install one of the free version is To use the FULL or the LITE version, (recommended) click on the download button at the bottom of the column of your choice, then save and run the setup program. Please listen to a low bandwidth stream if your computer is not connected to a high fidelity audio system. All of our streams have a listener limit and will terminate after one hour of listening. Click on your play button to continue listening. It is possible you will not be able to listen if all of the server lines are in use.

These links are direct audio feeds from computers in the radio station. It is the responsibility of the announcer on the air to stream audio on the Internet. If the stream is not connecting, the announcer chose not to stream audio on the Internet, OR your ISP will not allow high bandwidth audio and video streams. Additionally, some companies and organizations will set up fire walls to deny the reception of audio and video streams to reduce bandwidth consumption by blocking ports 8000 to 8999, the audio and video streaming ports. Our streams might also be turned off briefly, for computer or network maintenance, and during frequent severe Pocono Mountain thunderstorms.

How to open one of our audio streams using Microsoft’s Windows Media Player:

With Windows Media Player you have to “manually” enter the URL, without the .pls extension, for the stream to play.

  1. To manually enter the file, open Windows Media Player, select the menu option “File”, then choose “Open URL”.
  2. Highlight and copy one of the following  lines, the first line is for FM 24K , the second line is for FM stereo 48K,
  3. the third line is for the FM overnight  96K feed, the fourth for the FM 96K feed directly from the FM console and the fifth and sixth for the remote back feeds.
    •     Highlight and copy for the AM monaural 24K feed
    •     Highlight and copy for the FM master control 48K direct feed
    •     Highlight and copy for the FM overnight 96K computer feed
    •    Highlight and copy for the FM 96K high quality stereo feed
    •     Highlight and copy for the remote broadcasting 24K feed
    •     Highlight and copy for the  remote broadcasting 24K back feed from the FM studio
  4. Press enter and then click the play button on the player.

Please use the on campus links when listening at camp to save bandwidth and Internet resources.

If you are listening here at Camp Shohola, and you use the worldwide stream link at the top of the page, we will have to send our audio stream out to the Internet and our servers, and then back to Camp Shohola, using up both incoming and outgoing computer resources. The Camp Shohola network is a 10/100T Ethernet system with high speed Cisco routers, firewalls and switches and it can support hundreds of audio and video streams at the same time. You can listen on any of our seven wireless networks as well.

Please do not use the external links above if you are listening on campus.

Watch the WCSR Webcam live on the Camp Shohola camp network!

Unfortunately, the webcam software will only work with Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers versions 4 and above. It will not work properly with Firefox, Netscape or other standards compliant browsers.

Contact information.

Please call our Washington DC line if you have any questions at (202) 280-7901.

If no one is in the Washington office, this line will automatically forward to our main studios in Greeley.

You can also contact us at (570) 243-1165, for the AM or FM Master Control Room, or to ask the engineer to re-start the stream so you can listen.

Our studio lines are (570) 371-4759 or (570) 371-4760, please ask the operator for the WCSR studios at extension 64 for AM or 92 for FM.

Our main fax numbers are (570) 504-1702 and (717) 815-1937.

Our main E-mail address is

Direct studio e-mail addresses are or

Look for us on all of the popular Instant Messenger systems.

On MSN, Yahoo, and PalTalk, please IM CampShohola.

Our ICQ number is 46223024.

On AOL IM, our screen names are WCSRRADIO or CAMPSHOHOLA.

Some announcers will also sign on with their own screen name. Please log on and IM your request or shout out.

Thanks for checking the WCSR web pages, and please visit Jon Mitchell’s CommTech page for more information on our unique Communications and Technology programs.

If you have any comments or questions, please E-mail

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