Summer camp is unique because it presents children with constant opportunities for personal growth and independence while providing support and encouragement. There are many reasons why a quality summer camp like Camp Shohola in Greeley, PA is good for kids. Here are some of the most compelling reasons to send your child to a quality summer camp this year.

Improved Social Skills: A quality summer camp will place kids in group situations that will teach them good social skills like team work, trust, good judgement and conflict management. Camp Shohola is a summer camp in Pennsylvania that offers children a mix of individual activities and team games designed to help teach cooperation and how to be respectful, responsible and supportive of each other.

Self Awareness: A summer camp like Camp Shohola, has programs that take children out of their comfort zone so they can challenge themselves. Campers often discover new things about themselves and the world around them. A quality summer camp will offer children the greatest opportunity for self-awareness as they work through new situations, becoming wiser, stronger, and more confident people.

Encouraged To Do Their Best: At Camp Shohola, a summer camp in Greeley, PA, children are encouraged to be their best by trained staff, who'll notice their unique qualities and cheer them on. They'll talk them through situations when they need some extra support and understanding.

To help you find a summer camp that is a perfect fit for your child and family, schedule a tour with us. See what benefits Camp Shohola has to offer your child, and why kids come back year after year. For more information or to schedule a tour, call Camp Shohola in Greeley PA at (570) 371-4760.

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