How Much Do Summer Camps Usually Cost?

How Much Do Summer Camps Usually CostKids can’t help but have a blast at summer camp in Pennsylvania. There are so many activities to enjoy, including sports, art, and horseback riding. Plus, they get to make lifelong friendships and come into their own at summer camp. Before you reserve a spot for your kids, you want to know, “How much do summer camps usually cost?” Get the answer to this question and then find out how to make reservations today.

Typical Cost of Summer Camp in Pennsylvania

If you ask people, “How much do summer camps usually cost,” you’ll likely end up with a wide range of answers. That’s because costs vary from camp to camp. Some summer camps charge campers $2,000 a week to stay overnight and enjoy the activities. Fortunately, you can send your kid to a more affordable summer camp in Pennsylvania, such as Camp Shohola. Kids can stay for two weeks for $3,500 or attend for four weeks for $4,750. If your kids want to stay for five weeks, it’ll be $7,100 per camper. You can also send your kids for the entire season for $8,750. Each option is much less than $2,000 per week.

How Much Do Summer Camps Usually Cost? Consider the Discounts

You can also choose a summer camp in Pennsylvania that offers discounts if you enroll two or more kids. This makes it so much easier to send your entire crew to summer camp. You can save quite a bit on overnight camp with a multi-camper discount.

Remember to Send Your Kids With Money

Your kids will have access to a store and more when at summer camp in Pennsylvania, so you will need to send them with money. The camp you choose will make a recommendation on how much money you should send. It’s typically a small amount, so it’s generally easy to add to the budget.

How to Reserve a Spot at an Affordable Summer Camp in Pennsylvania

Now that you know, “How much do summer camps usually cost,” you can take the next step and book a spot for your kids. Camp Shohola is a popular and affordable summer camp in Pike County, PA. We offer multi-camper discounts for families. We also make it easy to budget by providing different lengths of stays. Call Camp Shohola at (570) 371-4760 to find out more and make your reservations.

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