Is Your Son Ready For An Adventure/sleepaway Camp

When is the right time for your son to attend sleepaway camp? Here are four signs your son might be ready to go to adventure camp in Pennsylvania at Camp Shohola.

  1. Your son expresses an interest in going. This is a really easy sign that lets you know that your son might be ready for sleepaway camp in Pennsylvania. As he develops friendships at school and begins to spend more and more time away from you, this may be a time in which your son will express his desire to go to sleepaway camp.
  2. Your son is able to spend longer periods of time away from you without becoming homesick or anxious. At younger ages, children often want to have sleepovers with their friends, but once the child is at their friend’s house, some feelings of missing home may develop and he may want you to pick him home and bring him back home. Wait until your son can attend sleepovers without being anxious or upset and wanting to return home before sending him to sleepaway camp in Pennsylvania. And remember, feeling homesick at adventure camp is completely normal for children of all ages!
  3. Your son gets along well with his peers. This may seem like a basic, but if your son has any type of behavioral problems at home or in school, these will likely follow him to camp and make being on his own difficult. It may not be a good idea to send him to sleepaway camp, as camp could worsen the issues. Kids need to get along with others; this is a major part of them growing up and participating in sleepaway camp activities.
  4. Your son is able to follow directions. Your son will learn a lot at sleepaway camp. Being able to follow directions, and respecting his sleepaway camp counselors is an important skill to have while at camp. Often times, kids think they have free reign to do and say whatever they please while away from home, so it is important to discuss this aspect with your child and make sure he is capable of handling himself and directions given to him from his counselors and those who are in charge of him at sleepaway camp.

Figuring out when the right time for your son to attend sleep away camp is very tricky, but paying attention to signs of possible readiness can make the process a lot easier. Your son may still feel homesick in his new camp environment at Camp Shohola in Pennsylvania. This is normal and will likely pass as he becomes used to living at sleepaway camp, which is both a rewarding and growth producing experience.

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