Family Camp In Pennsylvania

Looking for a peaceful spot for a retreat? Or maybe you’re trying to figure out where to host your family reunion? Camp Shohola’s facilities are perfect for your family getaway or camp experience. When most people think of summer camps they don’t even consider the fact that they can use the facilities with the entire family! Yup, its true, even Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa can enjoy the camp facilities and experience with the kids! Check out our family camp in Pennsylvania!

Spending time as a family is probably one of the most important parts of the day. The bond that is shared between siblings, parents/children, is just such a beautiful thing. What better way to spend time with your family than participating as a family at a camping trip getaway. During the summer your kids should be relaxing after the long school year. While they’re at school you don’t get to spend countless hours with them. It becomes too routine and thats shouldn’t carry over into summer. Instead, be active with your family. Go hiking, kayaking, swimming, canoeing, and participate in a bunch more activities at our family camp.

No parent wants to feel distant from their child at any point in life, especially when they’re young. They are only young for a short period of time, so make the most of it and be close with them. You should want to spend time with them and really get to know who they are, from the inside out!

If you’re interested in the best family camp in Pennsylvania next summer, then contact Camp Shohola! Call us at (570) 371-4760 for more information or to schedule a tour of our campgrounds today!