Why Summer Camp Near Philadelphia Is Great

“Why should I spend the money to send my son to summer camp in Pennsylvania?” Here at Camp Shohola, we hear this question a lot. But besides the obvious fact that your son will have the best summer of his life at Camp Shohola, you should also know that summer camp offers a bunch of other benefits. Your son will gain skills and learn lessons that will stay with him for the rest of his life. Here are some of the few reasons why summer camp near Philadelphia is great for your son:

  • Constantly Active– Our summer camp activities include outdoor adventure, land and water sports, equestrian, communications and technology, and art. A typical day at summer camp ensures that your son is constantly on the move and remaining active while participating in activities that he has chosen. There isn’t any time for your son to be sitting around bored at summer camp.
  • Make Friends– Summer camp allows your son to comfortably socialize and make new friends. Many of our campers say they met their best friends at summer camp and stay in touch with them throughout the school year!
  • No Cell Phones– Summer camp is probably one of the last places in the world that is electronics free. Since your son is constantly active and busy, there is no need or time to be wasted on cell phones and tablets. This will allow your son to actively engage in activities as well as explore nature at summer camp.
  • New Skills– Our summer camp facilities are great places for your son to learn and improve his skills. Our facilities are all kept up to date and monitored to keep your son safe and having a great experience.
  • Builds Confidence & Independence– By attending summer camp in Pennsylvania, your son will be constantly be involved in teamwork and leadership camp activities. These summer camp activities build confidence. Also, your son will not have his parents at summer camp, instead he learns to live and take care of himself under the supervision of his summer camp counselors and staff.

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