Questions to Ask When Choosing a Sleepaway Camp

Are you looking for an overnight camp in PA for your son? You want to select the best one, so find out what questions to ask when choosing a sleepaway camp. The answers to these questions will help you choose the right camp for your son. Then, he’ll be ready to have a blast, learn a lot, and so much more during his camp experience.

Are There Goals? Questions to Ask When Choosing a Sleepaway Camp

Most overnight camps create philosophies and set goals for the campers to achieve. First, find out if the camp has a philosophy and ask what it is. You’ll find that values and goals vary from camp to camp.

Some camps only want campers to have fun. While that’s important, Camp Shohola for Boys expands on that by also wanting the kids to mature, have positive experiences, and increase their self-knowledge. This is just part of our Pennsylvania summer camp’s philosophy.

What’s a Typical Day Like at Summer Camp?

You want to make sure that your son will be a good fit for the camp you choose. Thus, when deciding what questions to ask when choosing a sleepaway camp, inquire about the typical day. The representative can outline the normal activities your son will enjoy each day. After considering those activities, you’ll know if he’ll have a fun and enriching experience at an overnight camp in Pennsylvania.

Camp Shohola is a bit different from most overnight camps. Instead of setting a schedule for the campers, Camp Shohola customizes the programs based on interests. Your son will work with the staff to develop a schedule that will allow him to explore his interests while enjoying activities he loves. Whether he wants to focus on artistic endeavors, sports, adventurous activities, or something else, his schedule will meet his needs.

How Many Campers and Counselors Live in the Cabins?

When considering what questions to ask when choosing a sleepaway camp, think about the cabin experience. You want your son to share a cabin with other boys so he can cultivate friendships. At the same time, you want to ensure he has ample supervision while at summer camp.

Camp Shohola understands the importance of balancing socialization with supervision. That’s why 8-10 campers share cabins and are under the supervision of two to three counselors. The counselors live in the cabin with them, so they’re never far from a role model.

Is the Camp Accredited By the American Camp Association?

Sending your son to a licensed camp isn’t enough. You want to ensure he’s safe and cared for, so take the extra step and ask if the camp is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA).

The ACA’s standards are more rigorous than licensing boards. For instance, the camps must offer developmentally based activities, have emergency transportation onsite, incorporate a staff screening system, run criminal background checks on all personnel, and more.

Additionally, the camps must meet the staff-to-camper ratios set by the ACA. These standards are based on age groups.

There must be one staff member for every five children for campers aged five and younger. That goes up to one counselor per six kids aged 6-8 and one staff member per eight kids aged 9-14. Finally, there must be one staff member for every ten campers between the ages of 15 to 18.

Camp Shohola is ACA-accredited but takes it a step further with a camper-to-staff ratio of almost two-to-one. That means your son will have ample supervision at summer camp while still being able to try new things and spread his wings. Because he’ll have access to so many role models, he’ll be able to mature quite a bit during camp.

What’s the Staff’s Connection to the Overnight Camp?

The camp’s counselors will be responsible for your son’s safety, well-being, and personal growth. Thus, you want to make sure they’re invested in the experience. When thinking about what questions to ask when choosing a sleepaway camp, ask if any of the staff members were former campers. Choosing such a camp can put your son on the right track for a successful summer.

For instance, many Camp Shohola counselors were campers themselves years ago. They loved their experience so much that they decided to come back and mentor young boys. Their connection to the camp and its philosophy helps them provide the kids’ a nurturing, supportive environment. They aren’t just doing a job. They are part of the camp’s overall mission.

What Are the Evening Activities at the Camp?

The fun at summer camp doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down. Summer camps often offer evening activities to keep kids engaged and entertained before bed. The options in the evening are just as important as the regular schedule during the day. By focusing on both, you’ll set your son up for a fantastic summer.

Camp Shohola offers numerous fun activities at night, such as movies, intramural sports tournaments, and green and white events. Because these events are often optional, your son can decide if he wants to go or not. If he doesn’t feel like going to the activity, he can enjoy some quiet time or play a game with other boys.

The flexibility ensures that each child has the camp experience he wants. Since this is so important, keep in mind when choosing what to ask when choosing a sleepaway camp.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Sleepaway Camp

Now that you know what to ask, you can take the next step and speak to a representative. The team at Camp Shohola in Greeley, PA, is available to answer all of your questions. You can also enroll your son in our overnight camp. Call us at (570) 371-4760, so we can provide answers and register your son. Then, he can enjoy all of the benefits of attending an overnight summer camp.