Rustic Wedding Venue In PA

So you decided to take the big leap into married life? Congratulations, and we hope you both live happily ever after. But before married life starts, you have to be sent off from bachelor life with a bang, and that can only happen with a great wedding.

Rustic Wedding Venue In PA
Rustic Wedding Venue In PA

You are probably swarmed with ideas right now, we totally understand.

You’re thinking about what type of wedding to have, who to invite, when is the perfect date, what is the perfect venue, among a whole lot of other questions that are swimming in your mind right now.

Well, we can help with one of these questions.

Have you ever thought about having a rustic wedding? If so, and if you’re looking for a rustic wedding venue in PA, read along, you’ll like what comes next.

What Is A Rustic Style Wedding?

If you are so tired of traditional, white lace wedding events, then rustic may be the answer for you. A rustic wedding style goes back to the old life. No perfectly designed centerpieces, no lacey chair covers, no plexi dance floors, but rather an embrace of nature and all the beauty it has to offer.

In the old days, rustic only meant some specific features such as Burlap covers, cowboy hats and boots, and mason jars instead of water bottles. However, the view of rustic weddings has changed over the past few years.

Yes, we say goodbye to fancy and elegant, but that doesn’t mean we have to rough house it. Modern rustic weddings are all about having a “little” imperfection. Whether it is out in the woods, or over a mountain top, or even by a barn, people say goodbye to the comfort of a standard ballroom, and welcome what nature has to offer. It is simple, elegant, and excellent for all outdoor enthusiasts.

Why Are Rustic Weddings So Popular?

As we mentioned, people have had it up to here with traditional weddings. There is nothing wrong with having your wedding in a ballroom with a band and a well-defined dance floor. In fact, that style is still the gold standard of weddings.

You can’t go wrong with traditional weddings, but rustic weddings are made for people with a sense of adventure, and a love for everything unusual. A Rustic wedding venue in PA can be a bit difficult to find, but if you know what you’re looking for, you can choose the perfect place for your most special day.

What Are The Most Common Venues For A Rustic Wedding?

All rustic weddings are outdoors, but there are a few types of outdoors to choose from such as:

  1. Barn Weddings:

    Probably the easiest type to find. All you have to do is find a barn with a charming façade, and just go crazy with the seating and decoration. Barn weddings are great if planned correctly.

  2. Mountain weddings:

    For those of you in great shape, and those who do not get winded easily, mountain weddings are the way to go. The view is always spectacular, and you couldn’t find a fresher breath of air than at the top of a mountain.

  3. A wedding in the woods:

    It’s as simple as that. You don’t really have to find a suitable place when you can have your wedding “literally” in the middle of nowhere. There is a certain charm to very tall evergreens and unending stretches of forest, and if you can incorporate that into your wedding, you’ll have an unforgettable experience.

  4. Camp Weddings:

    Camp weddings have a little bit of everything. The rustic chic of barns, the beauty of woods, and the very fresh air of mountains. It is very easy to find a cam wedding venue since there are more camps than you can count in the US. If you’re hooked and looking for a rustic wedding venue in PA, look no further than Camp Shohola. We’ll get into what we can offer you in a bit.

What You Need To Know Before Having A Rustic Wedding

  1. Be sure it is really what you want:

    You may be the outdoorsy, liberal type, but when it comes to your wedding, you may be as traditional as they come. There is no shame in that. It is your day, and you have to make it special for yourself. Being the outgoing type doesn’t necessarily mean you want an outdoor, rustic wedding.

  2. Know your guests:

    You may be an outdoor person, but your guests can’t all be so. Rustic weddings are designed for a very specific group of people, those closest to you and those who would go through the mud “literally” for you. Even so, you must know what they like and need. A simple questionnaire with questions like “do you have any allergies?” and “do you need a bathroom in your cabin?” will all go a long way in showing how much you appreciate your friends and family’s comfort.

  3. Choose your venue at will, but stay local:

    As we explained, there are a number of rustic wedding venue types to choose from. All are great, but what you need to keep in mind is that you would need access to a bunch of services. Catering, water, decorations, wedding planners, all need to be from around the venue because they know it best. Camp Shohola is an amazing rustic wedding venue in PA if you decide a camp wedding is what you want.

  4. You can’t plan every detail:

    That is what’s so beautiful about rustic weddings. They are rough around the edges, imperfect, and that’s what makes them so great. Yes, you have to make your basic plan like who’s the caterer, the guest list, the music list and so on, but know that in the great outdoors, anything can happen, and that’s OK.

Where Can I Find A Great Rustic Wedding Venue In PA?

2 words: Camp Shohola. Our camp is designed for boys to have fun during their sleepaway camp experience. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make your rustic wedding dreams come true. Our awesome dining hall with a beautiful deck overlooking the lake is the perfect place for your most precious memories.

Plus, our athletic courts are there for your guests to enjoy themselves while sharing your memories with you. If you like to learn more, give us a call on 570.371.4760 or contact us through our contact form here.

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