Summer Camp In Pennsylvania

The countdown is on!!! Camp Shohola starts in just a little over a month and we couldn’t be more excited for all of our campers to finally arrive! These next few weeks might cause a little anxiety, but trust us that’s completely normal. In order to ease the stress, we have come up with a few tips to assist with preparing for summer camp in Pennsylvania. Follow these tips to prepare both yourself and your child for the best summer ever!

  • Sometimes the most difficult part of getting ready for summer camp is packing! Here at Camp Shohola, we have created a summer camp packing list which has everything we think the typical camper will need this summer! Follow this list carefully and try to avoid over packing. Over packing will increase the chances of something getting lost. If its possible, pack for summer camp with your child. If children aren’t involved in the packing process, they won’t know what they have or where it is.
  • Have you ever been to summer camp? Share your experiences with your son or daughter! Tell them what your favorite summer camp activities were and all the fun you had with your friends. Try and create something for your son or daughter to look forward to once they are away at camp.
  • Visiting the summer camp is probably the best way to prepare for summer camp. By touring the campgrounds, children will learn where all the summer camp facilities are and be more comfortable with their new surroundings. A common fear for new campers is getting lost and not knowing where to go. When you tour our summer camp, it eases this fear and gets the child excited rather than scared.
  • Homesickness at summer camp is extremely common. When packing, pack some reminders of home like a stuffed animal or photographs to ease the feelings of homesickness at summer camp. While theses feelings are unavoidable, we have found that by making a “pick-up deal” will worsen these feelings. Talk about homesickness before your son or daughter goes away to summer camp and how they will get through it and its only temporary. Remember, you’re always a letter from home away!
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