What To Ask When Choosing A Sleepaway Camp

Now that April’s over, drop off day at Camp Shohola is less than 60 days away! As the school year comes to a close, the excitement for summer grows every minute. But what is your son doing this summer? Have you found the perfect camp for him yet? Follow these tips to select the perfect sleepaway camp near Philadelphia:

  1. What are the camp’s goals?

The sleepaway camp’s philosophy is what they base their programs and objectives around. A camp should aim to create a safe and encouraging environment where your son can express himself while enjoying the beautiful outdoor surrounding of the camp. That is the philosophy of our sleepaway camp near Maryland. Camp Shohola has created a small camp setting where everyone knows each other and refers to it as a “society of friends”.

  1. Who is the staff?

Try to meet with or talk to the sleepaway camp director. The director runs the camp and can answer any questions you may have. Our sleepaway camp staff is made up of almost 100 men and women from around the world. Every member aims to create the best summer experience near Maryland for your son.

  1. How are medical issues and emergencies handled?

Having a nurse or doctor on the campgrounds is extremely important when it comes to selecting a sleepaway camp. Our camp has two full-time medical personnel and campers receive a regular weekly health inspection. We also have a 24 hour on-call physician and an on-grounds infirmary. Our sleepaway camp medical staff is highly recommended and ready for anything.

  1. What activities are offered?

What does your son want to do all summer? Does he like a specific sport or activity and want to improve on it? Make sure that the camp you select offers it and find out how much time will be dedicated to that specific activity. See what a typical day at sleepaway camp consists of. Camp Shohola allows your son to choose his sleepaway camp activities and he will have five different activity periods a day, all of which last one hour. In addition, there are rest periods, free time, swim time and of course mealtime.

  1. Where is the camp?

Do you want your son to be close to home or don’t mind the distance? Camp Shohola is a sleepaway camp near Philadelphia is located in Pennsylvania and campers will be immersed in our beautiful outdoor surroundings every day.

For more information about our sleepaway camp near Philadelphia or to schedule a tour, contact Camp Shohola at (570)-371-4760!