Writing To Your Child At Summer Camp

The best way to stay in contact with your son while he’s at camp this summer is by sending letters. But sometimes it’s hard to decide what to write! Here at Camp Shohola, we have been getting the same question for years, “what should I write to my son while he’s at summer camp near Summit, New Jersey?” And we are here to help! Keep on reading for some ideas of what to write to your son this summer!

  • Sending letters reduce feelings of homesickness at summer camp. Not every camper will go through this, but for the ones that do, a letter from home is the perfect cure. Also, if you receive a letter where your son is feeling homesick, don’t worry because this is completely normal. If you have any concerns or questions, make sure to call us!
  • Ask your son a lot of questions. Make sure that these questions prompt more than a yes or no response. Ask him what his favorite summer camp activities are or what his new friends are like. Maybe ask if he has gone on any adventures or any cool things he has done so far.
  • The summer camp cabins aren’t the same as your son’s room back home and we know that. To make it a little homier, send some pictures! Photos are a great addition to your son’s home for the summer and another great way to reduce homesick feelings.
  • Write to your son often. We aren’t saying everyday, but maybe two or three times a week. Also, encourage your son to write back and let you know how he’s feeling and how much fun he is having! Try and avoid telling him how much you miss him and things that he is missing at home while he is away.

Just remember, your son will appreciate any mail that he receives, whether it’s half a page or ten pages. Are you interested in sending your son to the best summer camp near Summit, New Jersey? Call Camp Shohola today at (570)-371-4760 to schedule a tour or get more information!