What To Send Your Child At Camp

While your child will learn new skills and make new friends at Camp Shohola, they will likely miss home quite a bit, especially in the first week. However, parents can help their campers adjust by sending them a camp care package that includes items they may need in the great outdoors as well as items that will bring them comfort as they settle in.

When can I communicate with my child at camp?

camp care package

No child wants to come to camp unprepared, nor do they want to feel forgotten. That’s why it’s important for parents to support their children at this time. Weeks away from home can be an intimidating and even stressful experience. A proper support system can make a major difference in helping your child adjust. The biggest part of that is communication.

During the first week, we do not permit campers to call, write, or email home. This is normal as it helps them to adjust to their environment and focus on the activities and routine of the camp. However, this changes after the first week. Sending emails is more efficient, but writing traditional letters to your child offers a personal touch to communication.

What should I write?

It’s important to remember that your child is likely feeling homesick at this time, so reminding them of things that they are missing will only make that feeling worse. Try to avoid that and instead ask them about their experience at Camp Shohola. Ask about what activities they like best or how much of the camp they have been able to explore. Inquire about friends your child has made or what skills they are learning. This will help keep your child’s mind on camp instead of their longing for home.

Offer plenty of encouragement so they can build confidence knowing they have a support system at home rooting for them. When writing letters, it is best to send these out prior to the start of camp so they will arrive during or just after the first week.

What items should I include in a camp care package?

camp care package

A typical camp care package can include several different items that can help your child at camp. This can make your child’s camp experience more enjoyable and give them more confidence so they will want to stay.

  • Glow sticks

Glow sticks come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. They are perfect for when after camp goes “lights out” for the night, giving your child the ability to mark a path to the bathroom, keep away mosquitoes, or simply feel more comfortable inside their dark tent as the sticks serve as a makeshift nightlight. Plus, they are a lot of fun, too!

  • Humorous cards

Make your child the life of the camp by sending them humorous cards to make them and their friends laugh. Laughter is the best medicine for a homesick child, and your cards can be a source of entertainment and amusement when your child needs them most.

  • Snacks

Who doesn’t like snacks? While the food at Camp Shohola is delightful, it never hurts to have a snack handy in case your child has a sudden case of munchies. Stick to snacks like peanuts, cereal, trail mix, pretzels, or other small homebaked goods that won’t take up a lot of space.  This can also give your child an opportunity to share and make friends easier.

  • Money

While money is not necessary for campers, an extra dollar or two can help your child, along with campers in Pennsylvania, purchase an additional drink or snack. It can also boost morale as a reward.

  • Games and Toys

You don’t have to send your child’s entire toy chest to camp to cheer them up. A simple deck of cards gives your child multiple games to play, including Solitaire, Go Fish, and poker. This allows them to include their friends who may not have a deck of their own. A deck of cards is also small and won’t take up much space.

In addition, you could send mini Magic 8-Balls or a mini Etch-a-Sketch. This can provide hours of entertainment for a child who is bored between activities or on a rainy day.

  • Notes

Little notes inside the care package are great morale boosters that let your child know you are thinking of them. It’s the perfect medium to provide support and encouragement beyond the letters you have already sent.

  • Forgotten Items

When packing for camp, your child may have accidentally left something behind. Why not surprise your child by including it in their camp care package? They will not only have the item they forgot to bring, but they will also know you are thinking of them and care. You can be the hero who saves the day!

  • Flip-Flops

Maybe you found a fabulous pair of flip-flops that your child would love to wear at camp. If there’s one item that campers need, it’s footwear they can use on hot summer days and in the water.

  • Waterproof Camera

A disposable waterproof camera gives your child the opportunity to take photographs of wildlife, scenery, and their friends to take home as memories that will last a lifetime. The pictures also let parents see some of what their children did at camp.

  • Craft Supplies

Maybe your child loves crafts such as drawing or crochet. Sending them supplies for these activities gives them more to do and sparks their creativity.

  • Headlamp

A headlamp is an efficient item that allows your child and their new friends to explore small caves or make a late-night visit to the bathroom without having to wander in the dark.

  • Pet Photo

A photo of your family pet may bring additional comfort to your child. Now your child can carry their pet everywhere they go and can look at it when they are feeling down.

  • Magazine

A magazine gives your child something to read during their downtime and boosts morale. If your child is into sports or a particular team, try to find an appropriate magazine. Maybe your child is a fan of a sci-fi show that may have its magazine. Maybe they collect coins. There are magazines for that, too!

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