2021 Residential Camp in PA

After spending much of 2020 indoors due to the coronavirus, we all cannot wait to get to 2021. Vaccines will be available, and we will be able to go about our lives as before. When that time comes, and you’re looking for fun activities for your child, consider a residential camp. Have your son attend the best 2021 residential camp in PA for boys: Camp Shohola. Camp Shohola is designed to offer relaxation, fun, and mentorship for boys aged 7 to 16 years.

There are many reasons to send your son to camp. Here are some of them.

2021 Residential Camp PATo Cultivate Independence

A residential camp is the ideal setting to learn to live independently and responsibly. Away from devices and other conveniences, campers must run schedules on their own. Specifically, they must go to sleep, get up, and attend scheduled events. Also, they must keep their living spaces clean. The camping experience teaches boys how to live away from their parents. They also learn how to make decisions for themselves.

To Make Great Memories

If you ask most people, their most memorable childhood experiences were at camp. The reason is that at camp, you interact with different people. At a PA residential camp in 2021, campers will have an opportunity to step out of their usual circles. They will meet new people and build new friendships. If you’re looking to open your boy’s eyes to a new perspective, take up this opportunity. Residential camping changes the mindsets of young people by helping them experience new things. Some campers even make life-changing decisions, such as what career to pursue, at camp.

To Disconnect from the World

Most young people engage with their screens all day. This was especially the case for the majority of 2020. However, at Camp Shohola, campers must leave their digital devices at home. Although it may seem inconvenient at first, your child will be grateful for the break in the end. Camp Shohola’s activities are designed to encourage campers to interact with one another. The interaction boosts social and life skills.

Book a Slot at a PA Residential Camp in 2021

Registration for the 2021 residential camp season in PA is ongoing. So, book a slot for your child early. At Camp Shohola, we have scheduled an array of fun and safe activities for them. The idea is to maximize campers’ enjoyment while growing their character and building their confidence.

When looking to send your boy to a residential camp in Pennsylvania in 2021, opt for Camp Shohola for boys. You can call 570-371-4760 to book a spot.

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