Overnight Summer Camp in PA

There are lots of choices for overnight summer camp in PA. But not every choice has all the amazing opportunities that Camp Shohola for Boys offers. Since 1943, Camp Shohola has provided generations of boys with summer memories shaped by self-discovery. That makes it the best choice for overnight summer camp in PA.

Camp Shohola has been in the same family since its very beginning. The Barger family has a unique vision for what an overnight summer camp in PA should be like. A place where boys can learn their talents and limits in a safe and welcoming environment.

Encouraging Independence at Overnight Summer Camp in PA

That’s why the camp provides a huge range of activities and programs for campers to try out. Boys have the chance to find something they’re good at, whether that’s something athletic, creative, or a special skill. It is chances like this that make Camp Shohola for Boys a truly unique overnight summer camp in PA.

Not every overnight summer camp in PA has the camaraderie campers find at Camp Shohola. The Barger family always keeps the camp small so that every camper knows one another. Every single parent who enrolls their child at Camp Shohola knows he will be accompanied by camp counselors and directors who know his name. That’s yet another thing that makes Camp Shohola for boys a truly unique overnight summer camp in PA.

Pursuing Interests at Overnight Summer Camp in PA

The activities offered to campers range from artistic to athletic to scientific with everything in between. Campers can design their own program with a range of different activities. They can try their hand at archery, horseback riding, kayaking, and water sports. If they have artistic interests, they can spend time learning ceramics, darkroom photography, stained glass, or even silver work. In Camp Shohola’s Commtech program, campers learn about ham radio, robotics, web design, debate, and more.

If you are interested in enrolling your child at the best overnight summer camp in PA, contact Duncan at 570-371-4760 or duncan@shohola.com.

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